What Chicago P.D.The New Season Regular of Chicago Police Department Could Represent Season 10

What Chicago P.D.The New Season Regular of Chicago Police Department Could Represent Season 10

The tenth season Chicago P.D.Although it’s still a while away, the hit NBC drama has some great news about what’s in store for the Intelligence Unit. There are more than two seasons After P.D.Lisseth Chavez’s Rojas are goneVoight’s sixth cop, the show has promoted a new series regular. This could bring about some major changes in Season 10. P.D.Fans, expect to see more of Officer Dante Torres.

Benjamin Levy Aguilar made his debut as Officer Dante Torres on Season 9, the second half. Was temporarily partnered with Detective Halstead, who wasn’t thrilled about the assignment. Now, DeadlineAguilar has been promoted from series regular to Season 10, according to reports. The season will debut on September 21 at the usual Wednesday night slot. Torres is actually his second main character. Chicago P.D.He is now another actor (Includes Law & Order’s Camryn ManheimTo play multiple characters in the same show, you can use (). 

Now, what? Chicago P.D.What does Aguilar’s promotion to series regular status indicate for Season 10 Well, it’s hard to speculate too much about his character, since he only appeared for one episode (which you can revisit along with the rest of Season 9 via Peacock SubscriptionWhile no details have been released about Torres’ role in the new episodes, there is one thing that will likely cause some changes: Torres adds an equal number of Intelligence cops. 

Since Lisseth Chavez’s departure as Vanessa Rojas (1996)whose absence still hasn’t been explainedIn the two seasons that she has been removed from the show, the number of Intelligence officers under Voight was five: Upton, Halstead, Burgess and Burgess. That has meant that there’s often an odd cop out when it comes to the partnerships, and that odd cop out is usually Atwater. 

Halstead and Upton have been consistently paired going back to almost the very beginning of Tracy Spiridakos’ time on Chicago P.D., and that’s certainly not going to 100% change since they tied the knot. Burgesss and Ruzek often partner when the show focuses their on-again/off–again love story or Makayla. This happened quite often in Season 9.

LaRoyce Hawkins’ character hasn’t gotten as much focus aside from the occasional Atwater-centric episode, so I’m wondering if the addition of a sixth cop means that he’ll get some more time in the spotlight. A sixth cop could also mean three pairs, which could be a positive thing for the series. Torres coming on board doesn’t necessarily mean that he’d be partnered with Atwater, however. 

His first episode featured his interaction with Halstead. Halstead is the highest ranking member of Intelligence, other than Voight. Could P.D.Split the Upstead partnership so that Halstead and Torres can work together, just like P.D.They were temporarily separated to allow Upton and Rojas to be paired in Season 7. 

We can only speculate on the future until Season 10 of the show. I’m hoping that the addition of a sixth cop means three partnerships and more even distribution of screen time, but I can see P.D.There are many ways to handle it. 

Could Torres be Halstead’s new partner, and Upton is partnered with one of the others? Could Torres be Burgess’ partner, and Ruzek and Atwater will be together again more often? Will P.D.Keep it simple with Upstead, Burzek and Torres. You could also change the partners week to week depending on the case. Rojas??

Okay, I may be the only one still wondering about what happened with Rojas between Seasons 7 and 8 that she was suddenly gone from the Intelligence Unit, but I’m still holding out hope for the answer. For now, you can look forward to seeing Benjamin Levy Aguilar play Officer Torres and counting down the weeks until we discover how his presence alters the unit’s dynamics. 

Chicago P.D.Season 10 returns to NBC on Wednesday, September 21st at 10 p.m. ET in The 2022 TV Premiere Schedule. All nine shows in the Dick Wolf TV Universe (including One Chicago). FBI?, and Law & Order series) In the same week, we will be backSo fans have plenty to look forward to.

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