What Caused Burt Reynolds’ Divorce From Loni Anderson?

What Caused Burt Reynolds' Divorce From Loni Anderson?

Loni Anderson, Burt Reynolds, and Loni Reynolds did not wait to start their family. The newlyweds adopted Quinton Anderson Reynolds, a baby boy they named Quinton Anderson Reynolds. The Palm Beach Post. Reynolds made the big mistake of marrying Anderson after just a few months. Interview with Reynolds in 2015. PeopleThe actor called the marriage a “really dumb move”He admitted that he ought to have known better. “marry an actress.”Reynolds not only complained about Anderson’s overspending but also claimed they had a sexless married life. Anderson, he claimed, had an affair. “I caught her cheating on me,”He said so. “And so I just… I made the decision to call it off.”

Anderson shared another story. Anderson told another story in 1995. SFGateReynolds was the one who displayed “erratic behavior”During their marriage she accused her ex of physically abusing them while she was taking prescription drugs. “The physical abuse I always blamed on the drugs,”She said that Reynolds had once advised her to do everything a “favor”Shoot yourself.

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