What became of soap star Jefferson Machado

Jefferson Machado, a popular South American soap opera star reported as missing since January 2023.

What we know so far about the disappearance of the Star

Jefferson Machado starred in the soap opera series Reis


Jefferson Machado was a star in Reis, a soap opera./jeffmachadocosta

What became of soap star Jefferson Machado

In January 2023, South American soap star Jefferson Machado made headlines after his disappearance. He is best known for playing Reis.

His family did not receive any answers until May, after no one heard or saw him since the 27th of January.

Local media reported that on May 22, Brazilian officials discovered Machado’s body in a cement-covered trunk.R7.

“He had his arms tied behind his head and buried in a trunk that is very similar to the ones in his own house,” the family’s lawyer, Jairo Magalhães, said in a statement, via the New York Post.

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The trunk was six feet deep in the yard of a home in Campo Grande.

Jefferson Machado died of what cause?

Machado died in the same year that his body was found, according to the lawyer of Machado’s family. Social media statement.

“It is with regret that I share the sad news of the passing of actor Jeff Machado, whose body was found with strangulation signs,” the statement read.

“This discovery confronts us with the cruelty present in our society, motivating us to seek truth and justice in the face of such impactful cases.”

“… “We are deeply moved by the situation and angry at the suffering Jeff is experiencing,” said the rest of the statement.

“My commitment as a lawyer is to seek tirelessly for truth and justice. It is my responsibility to ensure that everyone involved in this brutal crime is held accountable and punished, and that Jeff’s family finds the support they need to get through this very painful time.”

Although his death had been confirmed, no cause has yet to be given.

Jefferson Machado's body was discovered in May 2023


Jefferson Machado discovered dead in 2023/jeffmachadocosta

Who murdered Jefferson Machado?

Machado’s death remains under investigation.

No suspects have been named, but authorities are looking into the actor’s friend, who rented the house where Machado’s body was discovered, according to The People.

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