What are Prince William and Kate Middleton looking for in a personal assistant?

What are Prince William and Kate Middleton looking for in a personal assistant?

According to their job listing, Prince William and Kate Middleton want someone who is organized. Daybook. The family’s new personal assistant will handle scheduling, including various “events and travel.” He or she will also arrange meetings, handle phone calls, and draft “letters and emails”The couple. The qualifications required to be appointed were also provided by the Duke and Duchess. “The successful candidate will have previous personal assistant and administrative experience, including managing busy diaries and drafting correspondence. Candidates will have impeccable IT skills and a proactive approach. Excellent [organization] and communication skills are essential, as is attention to detail and a willingness to undertake a wide variety of tasks. The ability to maintain confidentiality and exercise discretion at all times is essential,”This is the job description. 

According to TatlerIn March, William and Kate advertised a similar job. It’s not clear if they hired someone that didn’t work out, or if the job was never filled by someone they liked. The report shows that William and Kate have been married for a while. “solid track record with staff,”Personal assistants often establish long-term relationships and trust with those they hire. The job of personal assistant is a highly rewarding one. “highly sought after.”We hope William and Kate will find the right person to fill the role.

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