Wes Ferguson & Imperative Team For Prison Siege Podcast ‘Standoff’

EXCLUSIVEImperative Entertainment is the company behind the BoomtownPodcast, which is being adapt into a Billy Bob Thornton-fronted series by Taylor Sheridan has released its latest Texas podcast.

The company has partnered with Wes Ferguson StandoffThe series is about Fred Gomez Carrasco (a drug cartel kingpin who orchestrated the 1974 Huntsville, Texas prison siege).

Ferguson, whose Texas MonthlyArticle “When ‘Angels in America’ Came to East Texas”HBO Max will develop a limited series of this podcast. He is also the creator and host. This podcast explores the siege of hostage crisis in American history. It was played in dramatic fashion over 11 consecutive days in front a terrified national audience.

The series will consist of 10 episodes and 100 hours worth audio. It launches March 21st.

Produced by Imperative, it is exec produced by the company’s President of Podcasts Jason Hoch. Shaine Freeman is the Sound Engineer. It will launch weekly on all podcast platforms and will also be available to binge, ad-free on the Imperative Entertainment Premium Channel on Apple Podcast Subscriptions.

StandoffAlso featured are Grammy-winning artists Max Baca who composed the original score; Flaco Jimenez who plays accordion; Ray Benson who sings the main theme. “Huntsville,”This was first released in 1971 by Merle Haggard & the Strangers. This series includes four corridos originals from the 1970s about Fred Carrasco.

Imperative Entertainment’s podcast division is behind series including The Comeback featuring Sylvester Stallone, American Skyjacker: Martin McNally’s Last Flight AndThe Baron of BotoxAlso available: Boomtown.

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