Wendy Williams hits Rock Bottom With Bad Relationship And Mental Health Making Friends Concerned!

Has Wendy Williams’ love life and controversial comments on her talk show led to a dramatic downward spiral? We’ve heard many stories regarding Williams and the state of her relationships and mental health. Now, we’re looking back to see whether or not we should be concerned for Williams.

Wendy Williams ‘Sobbing Mess’ After Seeing Pictures Of Her Ex? 

The following is the June edition National EnquirerWilliams reported “was left reeling” After seeing photos from the paparazzi of Kevin Hunter and Sharina Hudson, she was shocked to learn that Hunter is her ex-husband. The tabloid quoted an insider who said the photos were authentic. “pushed Wendy dangerously close to the edge.”The source expressed concern that Williams might relapse into drug and alcohol addiction. After “displaying some erratic behavior” “talking nonstop without making much sense,” Williams’ friends were worried she relapsed.

Gossip Cop debunked the narrative based on Williams’ social media posts and the notorious unreliability of the National Enquirer. The so-called “insider” the magazine quoted was unnamed, which can’t really be taken seriously. When the story was released, Williams’ Instagram was full of pictures that showed her healthy and happy with no indicators that she was spiraling out of control, as the magazine said.

Wendy Williams hits Rock Bottom With Bad Relationship And Mental Health Making Friends Concerned!

‘Wendy Williams Show’Are You Getting Cancelled? 

One month later, StarWilliams claimed that she was getting a lot of backlash from her fans following a controversial segment on her program. Williams made a comparison between her social media followers and Matima Miller in the episode. Then, she announced that Tik Tok’s star had died. Williams’ fans weren’t shy about calling out her bizarre comments and even proposed that her show be canceled for them. Williams was actually preparing an apology statement. However, an insider claimed that Williams had already apologized. “big mouth has got her into trouble again!”

Williams’ comments may indeed have offended some fans and taken even more by surprise. But, as we’ve reported in the past, one thing Williams is best known for is her unapologetic approach to her talk show. A New York TimesInterview with Williams admitted she’s been accused he is “being the person who says things that people really want to say but maybe are too scared.” In the past, Williams’ network didn’t administer any sort of punishment for her comments, so we doubt her show was at any risk of cancelation.

Wendy Williams on A ‘Frantic Hunt’Love is the best gift? 

The August issue of the GlobeWilliams said that Williams’s confidence was at rock bottom following her death. “plunged into a string of loveless dates with boy toys.” After divorcing Hunter, the magazine alleged Williams’ life had been on a steady decline. Williams was reportedly using dating apps to meet men, according to a source close to her. “in their 20s” Validate “her low self-esteem.” Her reckless love life apparently got so bad, it began affecting her work, as she’d show up “totally exhausted,” The source was sealed.

Gossip Cop found this narrative an excuse for the tabloid to drag Williams’ name through the mud (again). The only evidence the magazine had was the word of an unnamed insider, which can’t be trusted one bit. It was difficult to credit this story because there were no similar stories in media. While Williams may continue to make headlines for her shocking comments and odd behavior, it doesn’t seem like she’s got her inner circle worried at all.

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