Wendy Williams Health Deteriorating – Tested Positive for COVID-19

Wendy Williams’ health is deteriorating. A shocking news report has just been delivered to Wendy Williams. This will lead to her being taken off the air for about one month. Here’s what’s going on.

Undergoing Evaluation

Earlier this week, a statement was released on Williams’ behalf explaining that she would miss her promotional activities due to an undisclosed health issue. A new statement has now been made public. To comply with union protocols, the 13th season of The Wendy Williams Show will not start until October 4. Williams has tested positive for COVID-19. The breakthrough case means she’ll be quarantined for the time being.


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Williams tested positive, despite receiving the COVID-19. Judging by her show’s Instagram page, she also takes necessary precautions by wearing a mask outside. A certain amount of breakthrough cases can be expected after any vaccination, so let’s hope Williams is feeling alright.

Numerous celebrities have come down with COVID-19. Many people became concerned when Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks were diagnosed with the virus. Rudy Gobert of the Utah Jazz, soon diagnosed with the virus, famously touched several microphones before he received his diagnosis. Within a month, the world had changed.

Even with vaccines, the virus continues to thrive. Jeff Bridges was diagnosed with COVID-19 during his battle with cancer. Fortunately, he was able to beat both. Joe Rogan tested positive for COVID-19 and used a horse dewormer to get rid of it. The FDA does not recommend this treatment.

Wendy Williams Health Deteriorating - Tested Positive for COVID-19

Health Issues Abound

Thanks to some rather erratic behavior, questions about Williams’ physical and mental health are increasingly common. The Globe claimed she suffered a stroke on air, but that was completely off base. Later, she revealed that her Instagram photos showed her hair uncombed. Alarmist stories like this prove the public’s interest in Williams but can’t be relied on for any accuracy.

Some of the most hurtful stories came from the National Enquirer. In February, it claimed she was in dire need of “emergency psychological care.” A few months later, it claimed she needed to use a diaper. These stories were a crass hit piece. Williams is a controversial figure who’s never been afraid to cause a scandal, but targeting her health is just low. Here’s hoping she recovers from COVID-19.

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