Weekly Horoscope for Pisces: November 27-December 3


FEB 19-20 MAR 20

Yes, if you’re single  you can be more picky, and less people-pleasing


Yes, if you’re single  you can be more picky, and less people-pleasing

With triple planet willpower and ambition, plus Jupiter personal  charisma, there’s little that can stand in your way this week. 

But do choose your challenges carefully, as you need to preserve some energy for the love-fest that’s just up ahead.

Yes, if you’re single  you can be more picky, and less people-pleasing.

You could be a fascinating Virgo. 

Horoscope traits

Weekly Horoscope for Pisces: November 27-December 3

How does your star sign relate to you?

Aries – These are some of the most important and least desirable characteristics for the head of the Zodiac
Aquarius Air sign traits
Capricorn What is the star sign for you?
Cancer – This sign is known for their love for food.
Gemini These are the traits you should be looking out for when choosing a sign that has a symbol of twins
Leo – Signify which fire signs have the most and least appealing characteristics
Libra The seventh star sign can be interpreted as a symbol of your personality.
Pisces A keen interest in the arts is one of the key characteristics for this sign.
Sagittarius These are the traits that you must know to be a fire sign
Scorpio What is the star sign for you?
Taurus – Signify the greatest and worst aspects of earth
Virgo – Loyalty, kindness and compassion are key attributes of the sign

If you’re currently attached, set shared love-sights high as you can. 

DESTINY DDAYS Yes, be more demanding on Monday – you know you deserve it. 

You may be missing something if you look closely at the Thursday family message. 

Find a weekend activity that is new in your health. 

LUCKY LINKS Famous “JB” storyline.  

Visitors can change their clothes in this location. Geometric patterns  on walls, or floors.

PISCES LOVES WINTERVenus now has a place in your high hopes chart. You will see a significant increase in your social circles in the next few weeks.  

If you are a lover with deep feelings and long for them to come true, then this is your time. 

Mars is the planet of physical desires. It invites you to enter its world. 

Then you’ll feel an unapologetically sensual Pisces emerge. 

A wonderful way to brighten up dark, long nights is by discovering together what makes a couple happy. 

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