We went looking for my friend’s ring after she lost it while diving from a cliff. What we found was quite different.

One man says that losing a valuable piece of jewelry can turn into a treasure hunt.

He dived in after his friend lost her ring while on a trip outdoors, and found something entirely different.

After a friend dove into the water and lost her ring, Colty dove in to find the jewelry for her


Colty dug in the water after a friend lost jewelry when she dove.Credit: TikTok/coltyyandcombo
After swimming through the water with his friend, he found something completely different than the ring


The ring was not what he had expected to find after swimming in the water.Credit: TikTok/coltyyandcombo

Colty@coltyyandcomboIn a TikTok clip, () shared a picture of him and friends sitting on a rock by the sea.

“Our friend Zoe fell in the water, and her ring was lost.” He said, “Obviously, Austin and myself jumped into the water in order to find her ring.”

Colty and his friend Austin searched for water but found nothing.

We couldn’t find it after 30 minutes. We did find something else.

We found a metal circular box that was stuck to the rock mud. We got the box unstuck on the third dive and brought it to the surface.

The metal tape was sealed, and we had to bring it to the house with us to be opened up using some simple tools.

When the divers opened the old safe they found the gun and some coins.

We have not yet found Zoe’s Ring. We will be returning to the site to search for a ring, or other interesting items.

Video captured attention from viewers, who commented on the video.

Can you tell me more about these coins? “How old and where are they from?” “One wrote.”

“Gun placed in a box with a lock on a lake”? “Seems fishy to me,” said another.

Third: “This looks like a weapon that was used for a criminal act.” “You should hand it over to the cops.”

It’s possible that those coins are rare and could be worth thousands. One person wrote: “Clean up the coins and take them to a pawn shop.”

It is possible that this weapon was used as a tool in a criminal act. One more person said, “You need to turn this in the police.”

Colty opened up the rusted safe using tools only to find it contained old coins and a gun


Colty, using hand tools to crack open the safe that was rusted and old, found it contained old coinage as well as a pistol.Credit: TikTok/coltyyandcombo

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