We review the best running gear from lightweight socks to waterproof jackets

WINTER is the perfect season to go running outside – not too hot and not too cold.

For runners who want to run in the next marathon, it’s time to get your running shoes on and begin training.

They are made of a special fibre that has a naturally occurring mineral additive which increases your anaerobic limit


They are made with a special fibre which has a naturally occurring minerals additive that increases your anaerobic limitCredit: Enertor

However, as temperatures drop and the light levels dip, the right kit is essential to keep you warm, comfortable, visible, and visible.

Today Jane Atkinson looks at the products that can help put a spring in your step . . . 


These are difficult to do when you run. You may feel your feet getting squashed if you run too thick.

They are also very ugly if they crawl under your heel.

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These Energy Run Socks From Enertor tick all the boxes.

They feature anti-rubbing, anti-blister, ultralight material for reduced fatigue, increased ventilation for improved comfort, and antimicrobial yarn for protection against odours and bacteria.

These special fibers are made from a special fibre with a naturally occurring mineral addition that increases your anaerobic limit and endurance, as well as performance.

These felt thin and synthetic to me. These are fantastic once you get them on.

Vest tops

This is the Lifa Active Solen Singlet. But call a spade a spade…this is a vest top.

No matter if you are wearing a vest top, it is still a fantastic option.

The Helly Hansen singlet fits perfectly around your body without the dreaded clinging element


The Helly Hansen singlet is perfect for you, and doesn’t have the dreaded clinging elementCredit to Helly Hansen

In fact, it is probably the best I have ever tried – and I am fussy.

This Helly Hansen top contains S.Café technology – a particular process that infuses the fabric with used coffee grounds for a chemical-free sun protection. The top is lightweight with special wicking fabrics to keep you dry.

It is 60 percent recycled polyester. But the best bit is the fit.

The Helly Hansen singlet is perfect for your body, without any clinging. And it doesn’t ride up when you run.


A LOT of runners believe they could run in darkness if they had the right gear.

Brooks Running now has its Run Visible Collection.
You can see up to 600 feet away.

Brooks Running has launched its new Run Visible Collection


Brooks Running launched the Run Visible CollectionCredit: BROOKS

It includes gear for men and women – tops, jackets, tights, shorts and vests. If you are tired of wearing a jacket, the jacket can be converted into a small vest.

It is lightweight with small zip pockets and an insulated hood.

I wore it in the rain on a 30-minute run and didn’t get wet through at all. It is a little odd that it is so small. I was a large, but I prefer a medium. Consider going up in size.

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