We know everything we can about You Season 4 & killer Joe

Joe, the most notorious serial killer, is back. In case you’ve missed something, we’ve got a summary of what’s happened in the previous seasons and all the details you need ahead of Season 4.

It doesn’t matter if you like crime, drama, romance, or thriller, You has something to offer you. And…yes, the series that surprises us all is in the (body) bag.

Netflix renewed Season 3 just two days before its release. This season, we’ll find Joe, who’s name changed his name to Nick, setting up home in London and resuming his old antics.

All you need to know about season 4: Release date, cast, and everything else

The exact date has not been confirmed. However, there are some signs that Season 4 may be coming. On 22 March, You’s official account posted a picture of a clapperboard with numbers on it and captioned ‘YOU Season 4 is now in production’. On July 11, we captured Penn Badgley, Charlotte Ritchie and his co-star Penn Badgley on the London set.. Penn was also seen chatting with his colleagues while working on the set the previous week.

We have seen that Penn is back, and he has been joined by Charlotte, a British actress. Tati Gabrielle returns as Marianne, the role she played in Season 3. However, Joe’s perfect match, Love, performed by Victoria Pedretti, died in the last season and will not return.

According to Elle, Dario Coates from Coronation Street, Emmerdale’s Eve Austin and Tilly Keeper, a former star of EastEnders will become new members.

Cardi B, just like us is a big fan of the You series. She also has a special friendship to Penn. In a recent interview, Jimmy Kimmel asked PennPenn responded: If the rapper will appear as a guest star in the next season. Penn replied: “Well I don’t know and I definitely can’t say. But there is actually – I believe this is true – there’s an actual Change.org petition.”

You are now in London, rather than the United States as in previous seasons. We can’t wait to see Joe’s journey in a brand new city.

Speculations About You Season 4

There will be some differences between season 4 and 4. Penn told ET: “The tone is similar but it’s shifting in that there is a different format. It’s almost like we are shifting the genre slightly. And I think it works.”

Penn responded to Penn’s question about whether Joe would feel more free in London than the United States. “He would sure hope so”. He further discussed Joe’s personality: “But the problem is in him. He’s always trying – failing trying.”

According to the given clues, we are very certain that even moving to a new place and changing his identity, it’s hard for Joe to get rid of his old habit, which is getting obsessed with ‘the one’Eventually, he stalked her and finally killed her.

Joe’s murder history

Joe is a psychopath and stalker, as well as a serial killer. But that doesn’t mean he is a heartless monster. Interestingly, it’s always Joe’s love for someone that leads to the ending of another’s life. Here’s a list of the people murdered by Joe from Season 1 to Season 3.

Season 1

Benji Ashby

As Beck’s ex-boyfriend, Benji became Joe’s first and top target in Season 1. Joe killed Beck in the secret cage of glass and claimed that he had killed him for Beck’s protection.

Peach Salinger

Peach Salinger was Beck’s best friend and was very suspicious of Joe. She also had a crush on Beck, and she tried to protect him. Joe was put at risk by her existence. This led to her suicide.

Elijah Thornton

Elijah appeared in Joe’s memory. He was the sidekick of Joe’s ex-girlfriend Candace. Joe forced him to leave the building out of anger.


Ron was the stepfather of Joe’s young friend, Paco. Paco decided to kill Ron as he regularly abused Paco’s mother verbally and physically. As Paco’s attempt failed, Joe killed Ron.

Guinevere Beck

Beck was the female protagonist in Season 1. She discovered Joe’s sinister souvenirs in his bathroom ceiling and was imprisoned by Joe in the glass cage. Joe didn’t kill Beck at first and tried to persuade her that all he did was to protect her. She didn’t believe Joe’s words, and ran away but failed to escape from the basement. Joe eventually strangled Beck to death.

Season 2

Jasper Krenn

Season 2 saw Joe move to a new place and create a fake identity as Will. Bumping into the actual Will and Joe, Jasper got suspicious of Joe’s identity and used every means to blackmail Joe. Joe killed Jasper after Joe was forced to.


Henderson was a comedian who had a special interest in teenage girls. Joe found out that Henderson sexually assaulted his neighbour, Delilah and attempted to assault Delilah’s younger sister, Ellie. He sneaked into Henderson’s house and pushed him down the stairs.

Joe’s mother’s boyfriend

In Joe’s flashback, he killed his mother’s then-boyfriend after he witnessed him abusing his mum. Sharing a similar past, Paco is like the younger version of Joe and we can’t help but wonder if Paco will follow Joe’s old path.

Season 3

Gil Brigham

Gil was one of few people who were pure and simple good in the You series. Joe and Love kept Gil locked in a vault. They tried to uncover dark secrets, but failed. Gil committed suicide.

Ryan Goodwin

Ryan was the ex-husband of Joe’s new obsession, Marienne. He used his daughter, Juliette, to blackmail Marienne and tried to win Juliette’s custody. Joe used a knife on Marienne to kill him.

Love Quinn

Love was a main character in Season 2 and Season 3 and later became Joe’s wife. Love attempted to paralyse Joe in the finale just like she did to her husband. Joe realized her intent and used adrenaline as a countermeasure. Joe eventually stabbed her with an ax and interjected with aconite. He faked Love’s suicide and framed Love for all the murders he’d committed. Joe created a new identity to pursue Marienne and faked his death.

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