Watch Nicole Kidman “Burn” Jimmy Fallon in Another Hilarious Interview

Nicole Kidman and Jimmy Fallon aren’t exactly two perfect strangers. In fact, the stars almost dated. 

You read that correctly. In 2015, the duo revealed their romantic past in a sensational interview. The late-night host also admitted that he lost his chance to date Oscar winner. Although things didn’t go according to plan, the interview between Nicole and Jimmy was hilarious.
On Sept. 21, the pair brought the laughs once again when the Nine Perfect Strangers star virtually returned to The Tonight Show. After Jimmy congratulated Nicole on celebrating 15 years of marriage with Keith Urban, the host asked if there any surprise parties in store, to which Nicole declined, citing her dislike for them. “I had a surprise party once,” She shared. “And I broke out in a cold sore on the spot from the shock. I literally did, it’s too stressful.”

Jimmy agreed with her sentiment and shared. “Every now and then, I like a surprise, but not a big one, it has to be a small one. I feel like it’s like tricking someone or something and I don’t like to do that, so I feel weird. I don’t like surprises.” 

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