Watch Kid Laroi perform ‘Stay” for the 2021 ARIA Awards

The Kid Laroi sang his hit single “Stay”As part of the ARIA Awards, an Australian Recording Industry Association annual ceremony.

The Kid Laroi performed the punk-inspiring performance in front a small club audience. The trophies for Best Artist, Best Pop Release and Best Song were also presented to the singer.

The Kid Laroi scored his first Number One hit this summer with “Stay.”The song was the best! Rolling Stone’s Top 100 Songs chart for seven weeks in a row. The track appeared on the Kid Laroi’s EP, F*ck Love 3+: Over YouThe latest addition to his 2020 debut record is “The Last of the Wild”, F*ck Love.

In an interview, the singer said that she was happy to share her story. Rolling Stone that he isn’t interested in fitting his music into a specific genre.

“I don’t give a fuck about what something sounds like,”The Kid Laroi said it. “I don’t really go to the studio and be like, “OK, I’m going to make this type of sound today.”It’s just what feels natural to me. Music’s not one thing anymore. The music we know now is a mix of different styles. It’s rock influence, hip-hop influence, fucking jazz influence, all different type of influences in this one thing. I feel music’s becoming more and more genreless.”

The Kid Laroi will embark on a massive world tour next year. The North American leg of the End of the World Tour is being called the Arizona Federal Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona. It will end March 10th, at the Coca-Cola Roxy, Atlanta, Georgia. In March and April, the European leg will follow, and then Kid Laroi will visit his home country, Australia, and New Zealand in May, June.

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