Watch Idles High Octane Performance of ‘Crawl!’ on ‘Colbert’

Idles appeared on The Late Show ahead of their performance at Coachella to showcase their raucous, gritty single “Crawl!” Playing in close quarters on a venue stage, the U.K. group offered a high-energy rendition of the song.

“Crawl!” appears on the band’s most recent album, Crawler, released in November via Partisan. The album is a follow-up to 2020’sUltra Mono. Co-produced by Kenny Beats and Idles guitarist Mark Bowen, Idles recorded the record during the pandemic at Real World Studios in Bath, England.

Singer Joe Talbot described “Crawl!” as “the turning point, after you’ve crashed.” He added, “It’s a good anthem for me to discuss with people who aren’t on the other side or who aren’t sober. You’re not the best version of you and you need to hold yourself accountable for your addictions and who you’re letting down. But it doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. ‘Crawl,’ the title is like, keep going. You’ll get there.”

Idles are currently wrapping their North American tour, with dates between Coachella scheduled for Denver and Salt Lake City. The band will head to Europe for the summer before setting off for the U.S., Australia and New Zealand this fall.

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