Watch Ice-T and Coco’s Daughter Chanel Teach Their Grandma Twerk

Ice-T And Coco Austin‘s daughter Chanel just got a new title: Dance instructor! 

While celebrating the day after Thanksgiving with their extended family, the 5-year-old took the time to teach her grandmother, Tina AustinLearn how to twerk, with some help from your cousin.  

In a hilarious Instagram Story shared on Friday, Nov. 26, Coco filmed Chanel showing her grandma how to lower her knees and shake her butt to an imaginary beat. Chanel smiled when Coco asked her what she was doing. “twerking!” 

You can hear Coco’s surprise reaction from behind the camera. “Twerking? You’re teaching Mom how to twerk?”She was curious.

A cousin who helps out to give help is a good thing. “easy tutorial,” the trio quickly end up with their hands and feet on the ground trying to recreate the dance move while Coco films and tries to contain her amusement.

“Oh my god,”Coco said. “This is what you do when family’s over. Oh my gosh.” 

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