Watch Honor Society on Netflix.

You still feel high after watching Stranger Things season 4. You’re not alone on that one and a way to counteract the aftermath blues is to check out some other projects from the cast.

When it comes to the central stars, it feels as though we’ve watched them grow up right before our eyes.

Of course, Dustin Henderson (played by Gaten Matarazzo) has remained a fond favourite over the years and it’s exciting to contemplate what directions the actor’s career will head in as he gets older. The 19-year-old recently moved on from Hawkins Horror to a comedy called Honor Society.

It’s a refreshing change of pace and gives him the opportunity to highlight his versatility as a performer.

So, here’s where to watch Honor Society. Is the movie available online?

Watch Honor Society on Netflix.

Paramount+ is the exclusive streaming location for Honor Society.

It was published on the platform on Friday July 29, 2022.

As for what to expect, the title refers to Honor (played by Angourie Rice), an ambitious high-school senior who’s hell-bent on getting into a prestigious Ivy League college. She must get a recommendation form Mr Calvin (Christopher Mintz–Plasse), her guidance counselor, before she can land a spot.

It won’t prove easy so she hatches a plan to sabotage the competition. The sub-genre is known for its ability to show that characters can learn something about themselves by pursuing their goals.

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Official Trailer | Official Trailer | Paramount+





Who stars in Honor Society?

Check out the Honor Society central cast and their respective roles here:

  • Angourie Rice as Honor Rose
  • Gaten Matarazzo and Michael Dipnicky
  • Christopher Mintz-Plasse is Mr Calvin
  • Travis Biggins as Armani Jackson
  • Amy Keum, Kennedy Smith
  • Gary Walker is Ben Jackson Walker
  • Kelcey Mawema is Talia
  • Emma by Avery Konrad
  • Marvin Rose as Micheal Northey
  • Kerry Butler is Janet Rose
  • Diesel: Andres Collantes
  • Coach Biggins: Danny Wattley

‘That was a really different vibe’

Gaten Matarazzo recently sat with Screenrant and was asked whether he’s always wanted to do a project like Honor Society or if it’s a recent urge:

“I think I just like to take anything new. It seemed like a really fun opportunity. What’s interesting is Dustin is a much more comedically driven character in a project that’s not really driven by its comedy. And I think Michael is a character that’s not necessarily driven so much by his knack for comedic timing, in a movie that is driven through comedy.”

He said: “That was a really different vibe, trying to match those tones up. Because you’re trying to dial something back when the surrounding people around you are bringing the comedy forward. I’m used to doing [the opposite] on Stranger Things, so that was really interesting.”

Paramount+ is the exclusive streaming location for Honor Society.

Carrie Preston, in other news, was horrified at the ‘horribles’ featured in They/Them.

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