Watch Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift’s ‘The Joker and the Queen’ Video

Well, “Everything Has Changed” indeed. On Thursday, Ed Sheeran released the Taylor Swift-featuring remix for “The Joker and the Queen” — and its music video continues the storyline of the pop icons’ first collab. (Warning: you might cry.)

The 2013 video for “Everything Has Changed” followed Sheeran and Swift’s imaginary children (who look very much like them) as they fall in love in elementary school. Nearly 10 years later, the same actors reprise their roles, this time as college students at different schools as they imagine being with each other as they begin adulthood.

“And I know you could fall for a thousand kings/And hearts that would give you a diamond ring,” Sheeran sings in the chorus. “When I fold, you see the best in me/The joker and the queen.”

In the video, the two reminisce about their childhoods together as they experience life as college students. By the end of the video, the two finally reunite in their hometown, where they originally met.

The song, which originally appeared on Sheeran’s 2021 album =, marks the fourth collaboration between the pop powerhouses. “Me and Taylor first met and wrote + recorded our first song together in 2012, ten years ago now, I’m so so honored to have her on this song,” Sheeran tweeted after the video premiered. “Not only is she the best singer/songwriter in the world but she’s also a very close friend, I’m very lucky to have her in my life.”

“The Joker And the Queen featuring my good friend @taylorswift is out this Friday,” Sheeran wrote on Instagram Wednesday, sharing a 30-second preview of Swift on the duet. The “Shape Of You” singer previously confirmed a song with Swift was on the way in a red carpet interview with LADBible at the Brits on Tuesday, sending fans into a frenzy. (“It comes out Friday and it’s with Taylor Swift,” he said.)

Last week, Swifties and Sheeran stans were quick to notice that Swift might be joining the singer for a remix of the track after he shared a photo of a CD booklet showing a blonde woman bearing and eerie resemblance to Swift on a playing card. “Signing some CDs for something coming in a bit, keep an eye out,” Sheeran captioned the photo as fans went nuts in the comments. 

The pop icons and longtime friends have collaborated several times in the past. Sheeran was featured on Red‘s “Everything Has Changed,” as well as the previously unreleased track “Run” from Red (Taylor’s Version). Swift also teamed up with Sheeran and Future for “End Game” on her 2017 album, Reputation.

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