Walker’s Jared Padalecki Explains How Cordell Will Be Affected By That Key Character Exit

Walker’s Jared Padalecki Explains How Cordell Will Be Affected By That Key Character Exit

Soon after the end of Season 2, Walker The series’ star Lindsey Morgan, who was first seen on The CW last season, announced her departure from the show. The character of Texas Ranger Micki Ramirez was written out. This occurred ahead of the midseason hiatus and, with the show now back for 2022, Jared Padalecki is previewing the remaining episodes and how Micki’s exit will affect his character and his relationships.

Doing an Instagram Live EW Before Walker’s midseason premiere, Jared Padalecki reflected on Micki’s emotional exit. Trey (Jeff Pierre), the character’s serious partner, has grown closer to the Walker family through his job. Padalecki explained that Cordell’s bond with Trey will only increase from now on.

It would be much the same in real life. If someone you love deeply loses somebody, you can strengthen your bond. As we move forward, we do see Trey and the value he has to the Walker family.

Fans and cast supported Lindsey Morgan’s decision to leave and rallied around her announcement. Although it was sad, it seems that her exit will bring her co-stars closer and also their characters. It will be fascinating to see how Trey handles his loss and how his relationship with his family, the Walkers, continues to change.

Cordell will also struggle to move forward as Trey does. Jared Padalecki also explained how his Texas Ranger will. “honor”His partner and closest friend, while still feeling the emptiness Micki left behind:

Although he knows that it is his responsibility to get back on the horse so he can move forward, he still feels her absence. He is determined to move forward in her honor.

Cordell and Micki’s relationship was always a heartfelt one, as their partnership was definitely more like a familial relationship. Cordell has gone through a lot, and losing his partner surely wasn’t easy for him, even if he didn’t lose her the way he lost his wife. His fans will be curious to see his progress.

Micki left town in order to find out more about her past and to get her mind right after running into her ex-fiancé while undercover. Trey, being the supportive, loving boyfriend that he is was, understood. It’s unclear whether Lindsey Morgan could return to Walker In the future, even if it’s just for a few episodes. The 100 alum explained that leaving wasn’t easy but, hopefully, she’ll find her way back to the show at some point in the future, if she’s able.

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