Wakanda Forever plot leaks reveal Marvel’s new Black Panther


Wakanda for Ever: Black Panther is the only MCU movie left this year, and it’ll be the final film in Phase 4. Marvel’s roadmap to 2025 was revealed at Comic-Con. This year, we will have two. Avengers movies. Marvel also released their first emotional Wakanda ForeverTrailer without disclosing who will assume the Black Panther mantle for the sequel.

Even without a trailer, we know the movie has to explain T’Challa’s (Chadwick Boseman) absence. Following a long battle with cancer, the actor lost his battle with the disease a few decades ago. After that, Marvel decided not to recast the role for the first sequel, a fitting way to honor Boseman’s legacy.

The first trailer does show the new Black Panther, but it doesn’t tell us who is behind the mask.

Thanks to a huge amount of research, we may be able to identify the next Black Panther. Wakanda ForeverLeakage of plot. This is the second plot leaked for the sequel. But it’s a lot more detailed than the first one. That’s why we’ll warn you that Massive spoilers follow below.

Wakanda for Ever: Black Panther Trailer

The first Wakanda Forever plot leak we saw a couple of weeks ago only gave us the story’s broad strokes. It revealed the villain, who was a character that had been mentioned in several rumors prior to this plot leak. It gave the basic idea of the story.

The first plot leak revealed who the next Black Panther was, and how he will get to the Ancestral Plane.

Marvel’s Comic-Con trailer seemed to confirm that the plot leak was true. The trailer clearly reveals the story. What’s unclear is how we get there. The trailer does not show the face of the Black Panther, but it does show a Black Panther-wearing person at the end.

The teaser for Black Panther is available in the Wakanda Forever trailer below.

This is your last chance Avoid the shocking revelationsFrom the extremely detailed, new plot leak.

The big Wakanda ForeverLeakage in plot

MCU spoiler lovers who enjoy spoilers before movies or TV shows are released may already have heard about the new plot leak. This leak comes from a Brazilian tweet user. Doctor Strange in The Multiverse of Madnessplot before the movie was made. This person now claims to have leaked the entire plot. Wakanda Forever.

Redditors at MarvelStudiosSpoilersIt was taken up and fully translated.

As with any rumor, there’s no guarantee that the plot leak is accurate. However, it is consistent with the official trailer and the previous leak. This one, however, is more detailed than that of the previous plot leak.

A poster showing King T'Challa (Chadwick Boseman) during the funeral.
A poster showing King T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman) during the funeral. Image source: Marvel Studios

The plot leak tells us that T’Challa will die of an illness in the movie, and the funeral takes place right at the beginning.

Riri Williams (Dominique Thorne), a MIT prodigy, is already close friends with Shuri Wright (Letitia Wright). Lake Bell plays an unnamed undercover American scientist who should be Riri’s teacher.

The plot leak also gives us Namor’s backstory. Tenoch Huerta’s character was born in 1500, the son of a human explorer and an indigenous princess from Tialocan. He fought against the Spanish Inquisition but was forced to hide under water with his people. He is half Tialocan and half mutant.

Riri Williams (Dominique Thorne) making her Ironheart armor.
Riri Williams (Dominique Thorne) making her Ironheart armor. Image source: Marvel Studios

Namor is the villain

According to the leak Shuri won’t accept to be crowned. That’s why Ramonda (Angela Bassett) will act as Queen Regent.

The stage is set for Namor vs. Wakanda, as we saw in our trailer. Riri makes a device that detects Vibranium. Lake Bell then uses it to locate the precious metal in Antarctica. The Vibranium wakes up Tialocan, and an explosion damages Namor’s kingdom.

Namor would like Wakanda give him the technology to repair his kingdom. However, he wants to fight Spain and other countries. Namora, Attuma, and Riri will attempt to capture Riri. Riri escapes by making her Ironheart suit. We already saw a teaser in the trailer that she’ll build her iron armor.

Namor will flood Nigerian to attack Wakanda and send a Tsunami towards Black Panther’s home. The attack is said to kill Queen Ramonda. All this happens before we get to the Black Panther.

Namor (Tenoh Huerta) appears in first Black Panther: Wakanda Forever trailer.
Namor (Tenoch Huerta) appears in first Black Panther: Wakanda Forever trailer. Image source: Marvel Studios

Who is Marvel’s next Black Panther?

The Wakanda ForeverA plot leak suggests that Shuri will feel very upset after Ramonda’s death. To allow her to access the Ancestral Plane, she will make a synthetic Vibranium-based heart herb. She’ll also create Vibranium suits for Riri, Okoye (Danai Gurira), Nakia (Lupita Nyong’o), Aneka (Michaela Coel), and M’Baku (Winston Duke). Then, they’ll all band together to fight Namor.

Shuri is rumored to meet Michael B. Jordan, a remorseful Killmonger in the Ancestral Plane. He’ll teach her to become the MCU’s next Black Panther. The previous plot leak also explains who will be the MCU’s next Black Panther, indicating that Shuri will don the suit.

The new leak suggests that Shuri won’t be the new Black Panther. She will aid Wakanda to defeat Namor. The villain will retreat with his people, and Shuri will pass the mantle to M’Baku. He will become the next Wakanda king and Black Panther. Shuri will continue to work on her tech.

It is puzzling that the plot leak suggests that the US declares war upon Wakanda in the middle of all this activity, after Queen Ramonda’s death.

The mysterious new Black Panther in Wakanda Forever's first trailer.
The mysterious new Black Panther in Wakanda Forever’s first trailer. Image source: Marvel Studios

Black Panther 2Scenes from credits

This new plot leak not only reveals who the Black Panther’s new character will be, but also gives more details about the credits scenes. Apparently, we’re getting two of them.

Doctor Doom supposedly appears in the first one, as he’s the person who orchestrated the war between Tialocan and Wakanda. Lucia Von Bardas, an American scientist, is revealed to have been Lucia Von Bardas.

The second credits scene has a similar excitement. We find out that Nakia is pregnant with T’Challa’s baby. A mission to Wakanda is required to discover more about the Vibranium discovered in Antarctica. The US also sent the Thunderbolts to pursue the metal. Ghost (Hannah John–Kamen), Yelena Belova (Florence Pugh), John Walker and Wyatt Russell are all part of this team.

It’s unclear who plays Doctor Doom, and we’re assuming the actors who played the purported Thunderbolt members above will return to their roles.

The full article is available here Wakanda for Ever: Black PantherBelow is a Brazilian plot leak.

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