Wait, is Bam Margera Really In Jackass for Ever After All?

Wait, is Bam Margera Really In Jackass for Ever After All?

The long-awaited release of Legacyquel Jackass ForeverThe film is closer to realization, but the stories of the major falling out during production keep the story close by its side. Bam Margera, the original cast member, was removed from the film’s shooting. This will mean that a key part of the past is missing. Or at least we thought he’d be, as new information has posed the question, is Margera actually in the movie after all? 

He is, but in a very limited capacity. As revealed in Johnny Knoxville’s recent interview with Variety, Mr. Margera’s name IsHe is credited in the film. The last film contains a stunt which saw him participate. The fourth film also featured him as a stuntman. JackassMovie began filming in early 2020 with Bam Margera, but the production was stopped due to the COVID-19 epidemic. Knoxville shared his thoughts on Bam Margera during that interview. 

It’s really heartbreaking. Bam is my favorite. Bam is loved by everyone. He’s our brother, you know? You can only hope that he gets the help that is needed. We all care about him.

Present for the start of production Jackass Forever, Margera allegedly went AWOLHe was then removed from the film crew after shooting resumed late in the year. The alleged cause for termination was the violation of a wellness agreement that was a condition of his participation in the third sequel;  which was delayed into its current release slate as a further consequence. This claim has been ruled. Bam himself fought the fightDuring the ongoing legal proceedings that have followed his dismissal. 

However, the whole story that’s come from this continually developing story Also includes counterclaimsJeff Tremaine, long-time series director, was threatened by Mr. Margera. It is very distressing to see the current round of dangerous shenanigans. While it’s clear that there’s a judicial battle being waged, Johnny Knoxville has no ill will towards Bam Margera. We don’t know how those feelings will impact on what happens next. 

Margera’s appearance is still part of the package Jackass ForeverThis is a bittersweet moment. It is a bittersweet occasion that was made worse by the legal battles and disputes that ultimately led to his release. But for one stunt in the next adventure of MTV’s ragtag crew of danger seekers, the whole gang will be together once again on the big screen. 

That moment will be celebrated in its own right, regardless of the circumstances. Audiences will soon have the opportunity to witness it firsthand. Jackass Forever makes its way to theaters on February 4, as part of the full lineup of movies that make up this year’s cinematic debuts. Check out the following for the complete lineup heading to theaters: 2022 release schedule.

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