Vitamix Cats Owner Lets the Saga Continue Infinitley

  • The Vitamix’s owner said that her cats were being held hostage by her cat and she would allow the story to continue for the moment. 
  • Three cats have been rotating who gets the Black Friday purchase. It arrived about a month ago. 
  • “At a time when things are so overwhelming and everything is scary, fun and humor are more precious than a blender,”Insider was told by Jessica Gerson-Neeves 

Jessica and Nikii Gerson Neeves’ Vitamix blender arrived at the couple’s home in Victoria on December 16. They haven’t yet taken the Vitamix blender out of its box. 

Jessica said that the package arrived and she set it on the kitchen flooring. “quick second”And “pretty much instantaneously,” her four-and-a-half-year-old cat Max — who she describes as very sweet and very goofy — hopped up on the box. 

After she had returned to the package, she took a photograph of the scene in her kitchen. Jessica posted it to a Facebook cat group. She assumed Max would lose interest the next day. This is typical for her three cats. 

“They check out and investigate things in the house so this isn’t abnormal but they generally lose interest pretty quickly,”She said. 

Vitamix Cats

Lando is seated atop Vitamix, with George and Max close by.

Courtesy Jessica Gerson–Neeves

But the next morning, the Facebook post had blown up, and while Max was off of the blender, her 13-year-old cat Lando Calrissian — who she calls Lando — was sitting on top of it instead. 

“To my surprise, we were just flooded with people demanding updates,” Jessica said. “Far be it from me to disappoint our audience.” 

She kept on posting to the thousands of people who were following her. She even Vitamix was the recipient of an open letter on FacebookShe jokedly asked them to send three empty boxes so that each cat could have its own perch. The cats — the third of whom is a 13-year-old named George Destroyer of Worlds — They now have their very own Facebook pageWith 34,000 followers, dedicated for posting updates on hostage situation.

Vitamix agreed, but the boxes were flat packed and didn’t have an internal support system so that the cats could not sit on top.

“If one of the cats falls through the decoy box, it’s over,” Jessica said.

Jessica and Nikii successfully packed one decoy with stuffing. However, the cats lost interest quickly, and returned to the original box that was still filled with a blender. 

Jessica claimed that she has witnessed one cat kiss another in order to get the perch. 

Vitamix Cats

Max and Lando claim the Vitamix boxes.

Courtesy Jessica Gerson–Neeves

Jessica explained to Insider that this situation is not one of hostage situations. She is confident she can get her cats and save her blender at any hour.

In the meantime, she will continue the story. 

“We’re not putting a hard and fast end date on this,” Jessica told Insider. “Will we be doing this a year from now? No, at some point we are going to get the blender. But at a time when things are so overwhelming and everything is scary, fun and humor are more precious than a blender.” 

She continued: “This is really speaking to the overwhelming need for things that are joyful. This is whimsical and ridiculous and nothing about it is a real problem.”

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