Vin Diesel was tense as he prepares for the goodbyes to Dom and his family in F10 & F11

Vin Diesel was tense as he prepares for the goodbyes to Dom and his family in F10 & F11

F9This summer, it was released.This marks the beginning of the endYou can find the QuickThe saga of Fast 10And 11The final two movies of the main franchise are set. Vin Diesel and his crew have always delivered on the expectations of their fans. Diesel and Ludacris spoke recently about the role of Diesel. top-secret filming For the final Fast and FuriousVin Diesel has teased Dom Torretto about his final ride. Vin Diesel actually looked very ripped as he prepares to say goodbye Dom Torretto and his family. F10And F11

Vin Diesel shared a teaser to his fans on social media. It hints that Dom Torretto’s final journey may be starting filming. Diesel looks ready for action. Here’s the Instagram post:

The franchise’s future was already exciting to fans. The addition of new characters has brought new twists to the formula, opening up new possibilities and the preparations for the final are underway. Diesel has demonstrated that he puts in a lot of effort and it is showing. Fans should be able recognize the dedication of the patriarch from the Fast family. 

Diesel has been very busy in recent weeks, promoting the possibility of a return to Riddick and promoting continuously F9He was reflected on the journey that he and his fans have taken over the last two decades. Fans are now aware that Dom Torreto is coming back soon and Diesel is gearing up to deliver an exciting finish for his iconic character.

F9A lot of questions were raised that are still being answered. Questions must be answered F10. John Cena’s portrayal of Dom Torreto’s long-lost brother was a major turning point for the family. It will be interesting for fans to see how Cena factors into the movie’s final films. Charlize Theron’s Cipher will likely return, but she needs some serious help, so I’m guessing fans can expect some new faces to go against the family in the next installment. 

Fans are asking a lot of questions about the franchise, including: Will Dwayne John Johnson reprise Hobbs’ role in the final two films? Diesel and Johnson had a difficult relationship. It seemed that they wanted to avoid working together. The Rock even made his own movie with Jason Statham. Diesel has recently been recognized. Made an appeal to The Rockto forget their differences and go back to the franchise. Hobbs and ShawThis implied that Situations could change very quickly.

After the end of the main franchise, there will undoubtedly some spin-offs and prequels. Hobbs and ShawIt’s not as though it were. Fast and FuriousThis is it. F10 And F11. For now, I can’t wait for more details on what the final two films in the main franchise will bring, and what Vin Diesel’s last ride as Dom Toretto in the OG franchise will look like. 

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