Victoria Beckham Allegedly Furious With David After He ‘Humiliated’ Her By Revealing Her Shocking Diet, Gossip Says

Is Victoria Beckham furious with David for oversharing about her diet? One tabloid claims the fashion designer was “humiliated” by her husband’s recent comments. Let’s check in on the Beckhams.

Victoria Beckham Says ‘You’ve Humiliated Me’?

This week’s edition of Woman’s Day reports things are tense in the Beckham household lately. After David sat down for an interview with The River Cafe Table 4 podcast, Beckham dished about his love for food. But in the process, he let it slip that Victoria doesn’t exactly have a very diverse palate. Apparently, Posh Spice has opted to eat the same dish every day for the last 25 years — grilled fish and steamed vegetables. And now Victoria is furious that David exposed her mealtime quirk.

“Vic can’t believe David would publicly go on about what she eats,” an insider dishes. “She’s always been very sensitive about her body image, so living in the spotlight meant she felt she had to stick to a strict food regimen. It’s hard for her as a female star and fashion designer, and she wishes he would be more understanding of that. Him moaning that she only eats fish and steamed veggies was humiliating.”

What’s Going On With The Beckhams?

While it’s true David let Victoria’s secret diet slip, it seems like the tabloid is reading way too far into his comments. David went on the podcast to talk about his love of cooking and how it’s incorporated into his everyday life — surely his wife’s unconventional diet was bound to come up. Who’s to say David didn’t check with Victoria before dishing this little secret? We simply have no way of knowing, but it’s obvious that the whole anecdote was completely innocent.

Furthermore, no one has said anything about Victoria’s body image playing a part in her diet choices. It’s entirely possible for the truth to simply be that Victoria is a bit of a picky eater. Clearly, she knows exactly what she likes — there’s no reason to read any further into it than that. And surely, if Victoria was fuming over this little privacy breach, she wouldn’t let the word of her anger get back to the tabloids. Obviously, the magazine just wanted to infer a bit of relationship drama from David’s playful anecdote.

The Tabloid On The Beckham Family

This is far from the first time Woman’s Day got it wrong about the Beckhams. Back in 2020, the outlet reported Victoria was cutting her son Brooklyn out of her will. Then the tabloid claimed both David and Victoria were changing up Brooklyn’s wedding date to fit Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s schedules. And more recently, the publication alleged Victoria was “seeing red” after David got a bit too close to Kate Moss. Obviously, Woman’s Day isn’t the most reliable source when it comes to the Beckhams.

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