Vet warns dog owners to be careful with common toilet items.

The reason you should keep your dogs away from common bathroom items has been revealed by a vet.

The expert pooch took to TikTok in order to expose the hidden dangers of a bath toy that appears innocent.

The vet showed her followers the x-ray image which showed something lodged in the dog's belly


She showed the image of the x-ray which revealed something in the dog’s stomach.Tiktok, @traveling_dogtor
The poor pup had to have an endoscopy to retrieve the common bathroom toy


Poor pup, he had to undergo an endoscopy in order to get the bathroom toy.Tiktok, @traveling_dogtor
Viewers could quickly spot the foreign green object on the camera screen


The green foreign object can be easily spotted by viewers on the screenTiktok, @traveling_dogtor
After some pulling and tugging the vets managed to get the rubber duck out


After some pulling, the vets were able to pull out the rubber duckTiktok, @traveling_dogtor

This ER vet is also known as @traveling_dogtor by her social media followers. She posted a video showing a dog having an endoscopy. The video shows that small bath ducks, which are made of plastic, can lodge in the stomach.

A 20-second video begins with an xray image showing something round in the dog’s belly.

This post’s caption was: “What a duck!”

The vet then film the brown dog lying on a flat surface while a camera was lowered down into its stomach.

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As the surgeons inserted the surgical instruments down the dog’s throat, the dogs’ owners were filled with tears.

A green foreign object was hidden inside the body of the viewer.

After some tugging and pulling, the veterinarian was able drag out the plastic duck which had become wedged inside the dog’s body.

The dog struggled with the large toy as it was being held in its mouth by another vet.

Then she held up the green neon duck for all her colleagues to see, as it was dripping with saliva.

The vet put the colourful toy back together with its family after the horrifying removal video.

This post was quickly liked by over 1.1million dog lovers.

It was said: “The poor dog must have been in pain after all this”.

One person asked: “How can they be swallowed without chewing?”

The third person said: “Are You kidding Meeee ????”

The fourth person said: “The dog was in so much pain, I couldn’t even imagine it”.

One person said: “Awww, the poor little baby”.

It is no surprise that The Traveling dogtor has 7,523 subscribers who love her videos about mental health, and advice for dogs. In total her page has received 1.3 million likes.

One vet has revealed simple ways to help prolong the life of your pet. They won’t cost you a fortune.

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Another vet shares his best tips on how to take excellent care of your dog and save thousands of pounds.

Another veterinarian has issued an alert to owners about the signs of a dog in pain.

The neon green rubber toy was dripping with saliva after being wedged inside the pup


After being inserted inside the puppy, the neon green toy was covered in saliva.Tiktok, @traveling_dogtor
Fans were left in hysterics when the vet 'reunited' the duck with it's family


When the veterinarian’reunited the duck with its family’, fans were in tears.Tiktok, @traveling_dogtor

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