Variety: The Best Thanksgiving TV Episodes

There are some common themes that span across most TV shows’ Thanksgiving-themed episodes: Dysfunctional families reach their breaking points, characters with control issues lose their minds in the kitchen, and special guest stars pop in to play rarely-seen uncles or brand-new love interests.

Below are the episodes. “Thanksgiving,”They not only follow the same formulas but also take things to the next level. Some people take an empathetic look at the different ways that people celebrate the holiday. Others plant the seeds for some of the most romantic love stories ever told on television. And, in a few, you can see showrunners and writers creating their own traditions by forcing themselves to outdo their past holiday episodes’ storylines with every new season.

Whether the TV will serve as a place to gather with your loved ones over your second helpings of mashed potatoes or a sacred refuge to drown out their annual interrogation about whether you’ll ever have children, there are plenty of content options to put you in a festive mood.

Grab some snacks, and get settled with your favorite fictional families. VarietyHere are the 25 best Thanksgiving episodes that you can watch on your holiday.

Honorable mention must go to “Friday Night Lights’”Finale of fourth season packed with plots “Thanksgiving,” in which the Taylors host an extended family dinner; Buddy Garrity (Brad Leland) deep-fries a turkey; the Riggins’ boys have to face the consequences of stripping cars; and the Lions pull out a TV fantasy football win, which includes a more-than 40-foot field goal.

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