“Vanderpump Rules Star” Won’t Return to Show after Cheating Scandal

"Vanderpump Rules Star" Won't Return to Show after Cheating Scandal

The ‘Scandoval,’ which is the central character of Season 11, will be missing one of its stars.

The 10th season of Vanderpump Rules The Scandoval was the main story of this episode. Tom Sandoval cheated on Ariana Madix with Raquel Leviss, their co-star. Sandoval, Madix and Raquel Leviss are all set to be back for Season 11 of Bravo’s series. While Assprach Assprach E! News Leviss was interviewed on Bethenny Franel’s Podcast. Bethenny Franel’s Just BShe will never return. Vanderpump Rules.

You can also find out more about the following: Vanderpump Rules The cast is already back in the studio filming season 11. As many fans have noticed, Leviss was not filming with the other cast members. Leviss, who had been rumored to be returning for the series’ finale after many speculations about it, finally confirmed on Frankel podcast that this is the final episode. Vanderpump Rules.

Leviss replied “Oh no, I’m not coming back.” When asked if Leviss would be returning to the series. No, because I don’t respect myself to the point where I could tolerate that kind of emotional abuse. She said, “I couldn’t let myself suffer like that.” Leviss said that, in another episode of the podcast, she considered returning to the series, but the amount she would receive for her appearances on the show post-Scandoval was a major factor. Former reality star Leviss claimed she requested equal pay for Sandoval as well as Madix who have both been part of the series from the start.

Leviss also said she would consider returning if Bravo paid her “equally” as well as the rest of its stars, because she believed that Bravo would “value”[d]” her. A source near Vanderpump Rules You can also find out more about us here. Page Six that the cast is “paid by season – not by storylines.”

News first broke in March of Sandoval’s affair, which lasted for several months behind Madix. This drama reached its climax during Season 10 reunion. The cast came together to discuss the scandal for the very first time. Vanderpump Rules’ cast did not mince their words when telling Sandoval what they really thought about them during the reunion. Leviss apologized to Madix for the incident that happened.

She told her during the reunion, “I am ashamed and embarrassed to have been able to keep this secret. This person has always stood by me.” “Ariana I’m so sorry that I betrayed you. It’s hard to imagine the hurt I have caused. You’re correct, I’ve been selfish. But selfish doesn’t begin to describe my state of mind. “It was a mistake.” Leviss may have responded to the drama at the reunion of Season 10, but her comments indicate that this was the last appearance she will make on Vanderpump Rules.

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