Urgent warning for Google Chrome users over ‘Killer 20’ danger – check for number to see if you’re safe

GOOGLE has urged its users to update the Chrome browser. Otherwise, their data could be stolen.

Chrome 115 is the latest version of Google’s Chrome browser, released earlier today.

Google users have been urged to update their Chrome web browser


Google Chrome users are being urged to upgrade their web browserCredit: Getty

This upgrade fixes 20 security flaws in the browser, and also introduces several new features.

Google explains 11 out of 20 security features that are available on the a blog post Yesterday, I shared it.

The list includes four security issues with a severe level. They are CVE-20233727, 20233728, 20233730 and CVE-20233732.

Six of these security concerns are rated as moderate, while one is categorized as low.

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Cybercriminals could exploit these weaknesses to steal data or hack your device.

Chrome 115 includes some other changes, including the addition of side panel tools like an upgraded Search side panel.

Google explained that Chrome allows users to enter “textual and visual queries, related questions to the current page and links to further details about the website,”

Chrome 115 will only allow a select group of Chrome users to use the side panel.

The tech giant will release 116 next month to all users.

How to Update

Google has announced that Chrome users in the near future will be automatically updated.

However, it is possible to manually verify the installed version.

Select Menu > Help > About Google Chrome, or by entering chrome://settings/help directly in the browser’s address bar.

Google Chrome will then display the version installed. You should be able to see the following:

  • Chrome for Linux and macOS : Chrome 115.0.5790.98
  • Chrome for Windows 115.0.5790.98 and Chrome 115.0.5790.99

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