Update your iPhone NOW to iOS 15 – you can get free iPhone 13 features on your OLD mobile

APPLE’S latest software update is finally here but you may not have spotted the notification on your iPhone.

You can manually check for updates and choose to download and install them.

If you have an iPhone that's older than the iPhone X you'll miss out on some of the new iOS 15 features


If you have an iPhone that’s older than the iPhone X you’ll miss out on some of the new iOS 15 featuresCredit: Getty

The iOS 15 update can be downloaded on any iPhone that’s the iPhone 6s or newer.

This means that even older iPhones can benefit from some, but not all, of the amazing iOS 15 features.

Compatible devices with iOS 15

If you have an iPhone that’s older than the iPhone X you’ll miss out on some of the new iOS 15 features.

iOS 15 software can only be used with iPhone 6s and older. You won’t also have access to certain features if your iPhone has an A12 processor.

iPhone XS and older are the only iPhones capable of using almost all features of iOS 15.

This is because these iPhones use the more recent A12 processor.

Only the iPhone 12 Series or iPhone 13 Series can use the iOS 15 5G features.

5G features include better video streaming quality, faster Photo Sync, iCloud Backup and faster downloads.

The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus won’t get access to the new spatial audio feature when listening to music via AirPods Pro and AirPods Pro Max, that’s a feature Apple has been raving about.

Users of iPhones 7 to X won’t get access to spatial audio during FaceTime calls.

Older iPhone users won’t have access to the iOS 15 ability to blur the background of FaceTime using portrait mode.

These older iPhone users will also be unable to access features such as animated backgrounds in Weather, detailed city maps, and immersive walking directions.

Here’s how to update to iOS 15

If you have a compatible device and your iPhone hasn’t automatically updated then you can follow a few simple steps.

Check that your iPhone has been backed-up and that it is connected to WiFi.

Then open Settings, click “General” and then “Software Update”.

The update may appear on the screen if it’s ready for your phone and you can click “Install Now” and accept the Terms and Conditions.

Look at the bottom to see if the update option is not available.

Here you should see “Upgrade to iOS 15” and then click “Download and Install”.

You’ll be asked for your numerical password and will have to agree to the “Terms and Conditions”.

iOS 15 features

One new iOS 15 features is called Focus and it’s a tool that enables users to set different notification preferences depending on what they’re doing.

You can choose whether the phone vibrates or makes a sound depending on your current situation.

You’ll be able to use a new menu to select if you’re driving, working, sleeping or a custom status of your choosing.

The menu will be shown on the updated lock screen and in Control Centre, the iPhone and iPad’s menu for quickly getting to settings.

Focus will notify your iMessage contacts about your status, letting them know why they aren’t responding to your texts.

Major iMessage updates

Apple is also working on major updates to iMessage that will make it more like a social media platform, like WhatsApp.

It’s making it easier for you to interact with and manage the news articles and photos that your friends share via the app.

Apple Photos and Apple news will be able to store content only that has been shared by your friends.

A number of the company’s other apps, such as Wallet, Safari, Apple Maps and Health, are also getting minor improvements.

FaceTime will allow you to blur the background of your videos, for example.

This will give your video feed the same effect as the Portrait mode on recent iPhones.

Apple Wallet will allow you to upload your passport and drivers license, allowing you to check in at airports, for example, using your iPhone.

Apple also announced a new feature to make it easier for your friends to see what music and videos you’re listening or watching.

Called “Share Play”, it allows you to listen to music or watch a streaming app with members of a call, with the video synced up for all users.

Notifications have a new look. They will now be organized into a helpful group called Notification Summary.

Apple will use AI technology to determine which notifications are important to you. You can set which time of day you’d like to be reminded to read them.

Apple regularly releases software updates to iOS, the operating-system that powers the iPhone.

The software updates include bug fixes and security patches. They also add new features that Apple engineers have been working on.

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