Unsuspecting passenger in a plane spots someone who is texting a friend ‘We have Covid … shhh’

Unsuspecting passenger in a plane spots someone who is texting a friend ‘We have Covid ... shhh’

A plane passenger says they saw someone else on board who texted a contact: “We have Covid … shhhh.”

The apparent admission that she’d ignored public health warnings and boarded a packed plane clearly worried the person in question, who posted the image to Reddit’s ‘Trashy’Section with the following question: “Is this legal?”

In the image, an older woman with grey hair can be seen composing a response to a friend’s text.

The message is partially obscured. However, the words are clearly visible: “We have Covid… shhh. That’s why we’re coming home a day early. On the plane.”

Some people commented that they thought it was fake. Others stated that they frequently type bizarre messages when they realize someone was looking at them and invading the privacy of their phones.

“To be fair, on the subway once I clearly saw the girl next to me reading my texts so I typed out something deranged just to get her to move away from me,”One wrote.

An additional: “Plot twist: she only typed that because she knows the asshole behind her is reading her messages.”

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Others suggested that it could be legit if the photographer was not being creepy.

One person wrote: “Why are you reading other peoples text messages like it’s your business? You don’t even know if they’re joking or not. You are just being a creep, I hate people like you.”

Someone else intervened to tell us that this was not a likely outcome.

They shared their personal experiences and said: “I wouldn’t doubt it’s real – my aunt and uncle were visiting for Christmas and one of my other visiting uncles got Covid.

“My aunt starting breaking down and worrying if she got COVID, she wouldn’t be able to fly home for 10+ days. So with the knowledge of being exposed to someone that tested positive, she cancelled her test, then re-booked her flight to the night of Christmas and flew home.

“Basically she didn’t want to take the test just in case in was positive and she got stuck with us for a few extra days (the horror…). So she decided to get on a plane, fully knowing she was exposed, but basically plead ignorance since she hadn’t taken a test.”

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