University Challenge viewers cry when Jeremy Paxman announces the end of his 30-year-long show

JEREMY Paxman’s final wave goodbye to University Challenge left the viewers in tears.

He hosted the BBC Two quizshow for just over 30 years.

Jeremy waved goodbye to the show for good


Jeremy said goodbye for the last time to the showCredit: BBC
It was his last episode


This was the last episodeCredit: BBC

Jeremy, the legendary broadcaster who joined in 1994 has announced that he will be stepping aside due to his failing health. He was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease a couple of years back.

The quizmaster chose a quiet exit, thanking viewers and admitting he looked forward to watching the action at home.

In his short speech, the actor said “I want to thank Jung Chang who has presented us with the trophy. I also wish to thank all the teams for entertaining us in the past few months and for you watching.”

He added: “I’m looking forward to watching University Challenge later in the season with you. So it’s goodnight for me. Goodnight.”

Jeremy Paxman ends stint as longest-serving quizmaster on telly
University Challenge viewers infuriated by contestant's annoying habit

Jeremy’s finale saw Bristol and Durham go head-to-head, but Durham won the battle and took home the title.

The fans were overcome by emotion when they praised Jeremy on his final day after 30 years.

A fan commented online that Jeremy Paxman’s farewell was “elegant and no-nonsense”. It’s likely he will snort, but I thought it was rather moving …”

One added, “It’s the end of a era. Such a subdued goodbye.”

Third wrote: Thank you Jeremy, for 29 incredibly stellar years as chair of the #UniversityChallenge.

As a fourth added a message alongside sobbing emoji’s as the fan appeared to break down in tears as they said: “#UniversityChallenge won’t be the same without Jeremy Paxman.”

Amol will replace Amolrajan when the new version of the series returns in late 2018.

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