Ukrainian Mom Pictured after Maternity Hospital Bombings Dies With Her Unborn Child

Ukrainian officials have announced that a pregnant woman was killed in the aftermath of last week’s bombing attack on Mariupol’s maternity hospital.

The woman, who is not being identified, was in labour when a missile hit the hospital where she was due to give birth.

The shocking images of her lying on a stretcher and her hand on her abdomen are seen all over the globe.

She cried when she realized that she had lost her baby. “Kill me now!”She died just 30 minutes after she gave birth to her baby.

Drone footage shows Mariupol’s shocking fate, with every building being destroyed or set ablaze.

More missiles fell on Kyiv’s capital on Monday. One man was walking through the park when a missile struck the street.

Video showing a forklift lifting a 500-pound bomb from an apartment block. 

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