Ukrainian girl singing Let It Go is reunited in Poland with her mother

A mother of a Ukrainian girl who became famous for singing the Disney song Let It Go in a bomb shelter is now claiming that she is “proud”After her daughter sang onstage before thousands of people,

Amelia Anisovych (7 years old) was reunited with her mother before performing to packed stadiums in Poland.

Amelia Anisovych, seven, with her mother Lilia, older brother Misha and her grandmother Vera. (Lilia Anisovych/PA)Amelia Anisovych (seven years old), with Lilia, her mother, older brother Misha, grandmother Vera (Lilia Anisovych/PA).

Lilia Anisovych was behind the stage, watching her daughter sing the Ukrainian national anthem while she wore a traditional embroidered gown at the Atlas Arena stadium.

“Everyone was worried that she would be very worried but she did great,”Ms Anisovych said this to the PA news agency.

“I was behind the stage and she was brought to me immediately after the performance.

“Her happy grandmother Vera was watching in the hall… is there a grandmother out there who would not be proud of her granddaughter in that moment?

“When Amelia went to the stage you could hear her say into the microphone “nightmare, nightmare” but she reconciled (those) feelings and sang.”

Amelia became a viral sensation in March when she sang a song from Disney’s Frozen while hiding from Russian shelling in an underground bunker under the Ukrainian capital Kyiv.

Her mother had initially stayed in the capital while her two children travelled across the border to their grandmother’s home in Poland after spending six nights in a bomb shelter.

On Thursday Ms Anisovych was reunited with her son Misha and Amelia after fleeing the city where the children’s father Roman remains.

“We talk to her dad several times a day… Amelia is very sad but hopes to meet him soon,”She spoke.

“(I want) to emphasise that my child was lucky to be saved.

Amelia Anisovych, seven, sang the Ukrainian national anthem whilst dressed in a traditional embroidered dressAmelia Anisovych sang the Ukrainian national anthem in a traditional embroidered dress (Lilia Anisovych/PA)

“More than 100 children’s lives in Ukraine have been taken by the war.

“These are wonderful, talented children who had just begun to live… they were not guilty of anything.”

Ms Anisovych shared the frustration of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zilensky with NATO over the refusal to establish a no fly zone while her hometown continues to be under fire.

“We beg you to close the sky over Ukraine and that our children stop dying from missiles and bombs,”She added.

An equivalent of more than £280,000 was raised from viewers of the televised Together for Ukraine concert by Polish and Ukrainian artists, including Amelia.

Another £600,000 was given by the organiser, TVN media group, which belongs to Discovery.

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