UK Weather Forecast 23C Today Heavy Winds and Rain to lash the north!

Much of Scotland and Northern Ireland will be hit by heavy rain and strong winds as a storm batter part of the UK today but England and Wales will be dry and bright on Wednesday, according to the latest UK weather forecast

Parts of the nation will be lashed by heavy downpours and gale-force winds on Wednesday while many will bask in soaring temperatures of 23C.

Forecasters predict heavy rain and strong wind for large portions of Scotland and Northern Ireland today as a storm batters the UK.

For most of England and Wales, however, it will be sunny and warm with temperatures well above 20C in many areas.

Met Office forecaster Clare Nasir said: “It will be a wet and windy start to Wednesday with some high rainfall totals through the morning.

“For much of England and Wales, it could be a bit of a misty start with some fog patches and certainly to the northwest a bit more cloud here.”

She added: “Gales and heavy rain for the north and west of Scotland to start Wednesday.

“Elsewhere, some fog patches particularly in the south but also some sunshine.”

She went on to say that as the day went on most of England and Wales would see some brighter sunshine but Scotland and Northern Ireland would see rain and strong winds.

Forecasters predict that temperatures could reach up to 23C in some southern areas.

Longer ranger forecasts predict that the mercury will stay warm in many areas up to the weekend, with 23C predicted again in the coming days.

Speaking to the Express, forecaster Jim Dale, from the British Weather Services, said that climate change has led to the UK’s summer often being extended into the first three weeks of September.

In the past, autumn would be marked by the beginning of the month. However, in recent decades, we are seeing bright, dry, and sunny weather throughout the month.

The rain is set to lash Scotland and Northern Ireland

He said: “What we’re in for is an extended summary month for the first three weeks of September because of climate change.

“What we are going into now is pretty weather, it’s very pleasing but it’s not probably a lot more than that.”

Mr. Dale said that the warm weather is unlikely to last past Sunday as the jet stream gradually moves south.

This warm air will be steadily replaced with colder and wetter weather as September’s end nears, he said.

UK Weather Forecast


Rain and strong winds in the northwest gradually moving southwards whilst weakening. Clearer skies in the north, with some showers. England and Wales are mostly dry, with some sunny spells. The east is sunny and the south is cool.


A weakening area of rain moving south across northern England and Wales. Clear skies to the south. More rain and strong winds are expected to arrive in the north.


Some rain in western areas, particularly northwest Scotland, south Wales, and southwest England. Sunny spells in the east, with a lot of dry areas. The southeast is generally warm.

Outlook for Friday to Sunday:

Patchy rain at times for northern and western areas Friday. The rest of the country will remain mostly fine and warm, with some rain or showers possible in certain areas Saturday and Sunday. However, it will be mainly dry and warm.

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