UK Travel Chaos Hits Mip TV

Travel chaos has hit Mip TV, with a string of EasyJet cancellations from the UK causing attendees to scramble to find alternative routes to the Cannes market.

The concurrent Canneseries drama market has been running for two days but the majority of Mip TV attendees are heading down Sunday from the UK, for the event that kicks off tomorrow and lasts for two days.

This morning, however, UK travellers were notified of a number of EasyJet cancellations, leaving the gang of producers, network execs, analysts and press heading to France from the UK scrambling to find alternative routes.

Most of the attendees Deadline has spoken with have managed to do so, going via European destinations including Luxembourg, Amsterdam and Paris on alternative carriers.

“Only at Mip TV,” said one veteran exec of the market, who pointed out that this isn’t the first time the Cannes event has been hit by travel chaos.

Organizer RX France will be immensely frustrated by a situation that is compounded by the fact this is the first in-person market for three years. The last two have taken place online, although October’s Mipcom happened in person. RX France is busy liaising with passengers over rescheduling airport pick up.

The market will feature keynotes from Kevin Mayer, Sony’s Wayne Garvie, Bad Wolf’s Jane Tranter and HBO Max’s Johannes Larcher.

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