UK Doctor who Signed Livers has Published Medical Thriller Books

UK Doctor who Signed Livers has Published Medical Thriller Books

  • Simon Bramhall pleaded guilty in 2017 to signing his initials for two transplanted livers.
  • Monday saw him removed from the UK’s medical register by the MPTS, which prohibited him from practising.
  • Bramhall seems to have published medical thrillers including one about a surgeon signing off on a liver.

A surgeon who was struck off the United Kingdom’s medical registry after he autographed his initials onto patients’ livers appears to have self-published several medical thriller novels — including one about a doctor who marks a patient’s liver.

According to records from the Birmingham Crown Court, Simon Bramhall initially pleaded guilty to using an argon beamcoagulator to mark the initials of two transplanted livers. He had performed surgeries at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in 2013. Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS).

Insider reported that Monday’s decision by the MPTS to remove Bramhall from its medical registry came after it reviewed his actions in December 2020. The suspension was lifted against him in June. Bramhall’s actions had not caused any serious physical harm, but were causing it. “significant emotional harm”At least one patient, According to BBCThey were, and are “borne out of a degree of professional arrogance.”

Bramhall may have self-published thriller fiction novels involving dangerous injuries, organs and hospitals other than his job as a physician.

“The Letterman”It is described in Murphy and Bramhall’s book website, Scalpel Stories,As a story about an experienced surgeon “found to have inscribed his initials on a donor liver during a life-saving transplant operation,”Conflict that can arise in the media or in court. 

You can also “Just Another Saturday Night,”This is a description of the emergency department in a UK regional hospital. “burst appendix, broken limbs, severed appendages… misplaced prosthesis; a brain hemorrhage,”According to the description on its website.

The duo’s first book. “Trick or Treat?”Features a knife illustration on the cover. “a hospital embroiled in racism, incompetence and drug abuse,”It is described on the website as a mix of detective fiction, medical drama, dark humor, and medical drama. It was published in June 2019, one year and a quarter after Bramhall pleaded guilty.

“The Letterman”Bramhall’s Amazon Marketplace page doesn’t have a picture or description of Bramhall as well as his career as an emergency surgeon at Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital. The Amazon Marketplace page also has a description of Bramhall’s career.

Bramhall’s Amazon authorHis biography states that he’s “a Consultant Surgeon whose many years of experience are drawn upon for the medical aspects of the novels.”

Bramhall and Murphy didn’t respond to requests for comments.

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