Two Marvel characters have been revealed to be part of the Multiverse of Madness.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of MadnessThe next multiverse movie and the next title in the MCU is set to release. We’ll have to wait until May 6th to see this story in cinemas, but the movie is already the most talked-about Marvel release of 2022. That’s because Doctor Strange 2Should deliver a multiverse adventure even greater than There is no way home.

The most recent Spider-ManThe movie gave us only a small glimpse of the multiverse threats the Avengers will face. The Doctor Strange sequel is where we’ll explore the multiverse in earnest, given that it’s a movie that Marvel fully controls. You can also like There is no way home, Multiverse of MadnessThere will be many exciting cameos. We have two new leaks that could indicate how significant they might be. Doctor Strange 2 characters.

Keep this in mind You will find significant spoilers below.

The Doctor Strange 2Toys

Multiverse of MadnessIt should have premiered on March 25, but Marvel moved it up to May 6. In the last months of 2021, there were significant reshoots. Rumours claimed that Marvel wanted to change the storyline and add cameos.

But you know what’s not exactly delayed? The toys are scheduled for release according to Multiverse of Madness. So far, we have seen a few toys leaks including Lego sets and puzzles. FigurinesMarvel Legends collection that included various illustrations Doctor Strange 2 secrets.

We’ve explained before that MCU merchandise won’t completely spoil the movie. The toy sets are based only on MCU movies or TV shows. The second is that reshoots should be as extensive as possible. Doctor Strange 2 can bring massive changes to a film’s plot.

With that in mind, I’ll remind you that the puzzle and Lego leaks revealed a big Multiverse of Madness villain. That’s Shuma Gorath/Gargantus, a one-eyed octopus-like demon. We saw this entity for the first time. Doctor Strange 2 trailer.

We were then offered a glimpse at some other figurines by the leaks Multiverse of MadnessThe trailer also featured characters that were not in the movie.

Master Mordo fighting Strange in Multiverse of Madness trailer
Multiverse of Madness trailer: Master Mordo (Chiwetel Emofor) vs Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch). Image source: Marvel Studios

The new Multiverse of MadnessLeakage

These leaks are also coming from the Marvel Legends sets, which are already available. Available for preorder online. Many people have taken pictures of some of these wild animals and found them. What’s interesting in this case is that we’re looking at images of the actors playing these characters.

Defender Strange in Multiverse of Madness

First, Defender Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch), can be seen below.

Here’s how the description reads: “Doctor Strange is earth’s foremost magical defender, safeguarding our dimension against supernatural threats from across the multiverse.”

We are being deceived by that description. Defender Strange isn’t Doctor Strange. Or better said, he’s not OurDoctor Strange is the Stephen Strange that we know and love on the big screen. This Strange version is likely from another timeline. He is wearing a completely different look, and has a different hairstyle. The same as Strange Supreme, Strange Supreme also has a unique look. What If…?.

Yes, Evil Strange exists in a variant. Multiverse of Madness. In the trailer, we already saw him.

Master Mordo

Below is the promo art for Master Mordo (Chiwetel Eiofor). It’s also a Multiverse of Madness leak that comes from the Marvel Legends collection, although the description for Master Mordo isn’t available in the following image.

As was the case with the previous character leak, this isn’t the Mordo you expect. The MCU’s primary Mordo will appear in Multiverse of MadnessAccording to various plot leaks, it is. People familiar with those leaks already know what will happen to the character — assuming those plot leaks are accurate and Marvel has not changed the story during the reshoots.

According to similar plot leaks, Master Mordo will become a Sorcerer supreme in a different universe. We’ve already seen the character in the trailer, featuring the same suit and hairstyle as in this Multiverse of MadnessToy leak.

Master Mordo is a member The Illuminati. Multiverse of MadnessThese plot leaks claim. The trailer shows him as being at odds with primary Strange, which is consistent with those leaks.

These Marvel Legends figurines can be ordered now Preorder, which means we’ll start seeing them in stores soon.

Mordo’s final appearance

Since then, we haven’t seen Mordo. Doctor StrangeIn 2016, it was 2016. We learned more about Mordo as he trained with The Ancient One. In Doctor Strange’s post credits scene, Mordo is seen confronting Jonathan Pangborn (Benjamin Bratt), and taking his mystic energy. Mordo declares that there are “too many sorcerers”All over the globe.

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