Twelve of the funniest Thanksgiving jokes and memes, as Americans celebrate holiday

Twelve of the funniest Thanksgiving jokes and memes, as Americans celebrate holiday

Families across America celebrate Thanksgiving today, which falls on the fourth Friday in November.

From the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York to feasting on traditional foods such as turkey, green bean casserole, mash potatoes, and pumpkin pie, to watching NFL games and reuniting with family members, it’s certainly an eventful occasion for everyone celebrating.

This is why the national holidays can be a great time to make memes. Twitter is filled with many Thanksgiving jokes.

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It can be thrilling to watch the build-up for Thanksgiving. The OfficeIt is understandable that he seems to be especially excited about some pies.

Next up, it’s always awkward when family members have opposing political views to you, but it’s even worse when the topic of conversation arises at dinner, as this dog’s bewildered expression hilariously demonstrates.

Thanksgiving memes have been around on the internet for many years now, which means once the holiday comes back around, people are excited to share their favourite memes from over the years – and they’re still as funny today.

Making the preparations for Thanksgiving dinner can be a tough job – especially if you have a large family coming round – and so it’s fair to say some mums are stressed out but that can all change once the guests arrive.

It can feel like the clock is ticking slowly when you wait for Thanksgiving dinner to arrive. Also, who doesn’t love a good dog meme?

Of course, food is the topic on everyone’s lips when it comes to Thanksgiving celebrations, so much so that a meme of a woman kayaking through mash potato and gravy accurately portrays how much food is on their mind (the answer is a lot).

The Thanksgiving memes would not be complete without starter-packs, which rhyme off holiday-related situations everyone is familiar with like “A bunch of relatives you haven’t seen in like 10 years,” “One uncle jokingly offers a kid a beer.”

Returning to your hometown for the holidays isn’t something everyone loves, leading those to channel their inner Damian from Mean Girls.

Others are very excited about having a shorter work week thanks to Thanksgiving. Michael Scott captured these emotions perfectly.

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