TV Gossip: Whoopi goldberg is reportedly demanding $24M for a payday ‘View’Exit

Is it? Whoopi GoldbergHolding The View hostage? One tabloid claims Goldberg wants out of her deal, but she isn’t walking away without a major payday. Here’s what we know about the actress’s alleged demands.

Whoopi Goldberg ‘Ready To Walk’?

This week, Globe reports Whoopi Goldberg is caving under the calls for her to resign, but she isn’t going anywhere until The View Gives her the money she promised in her contract. “Even with her giant-size ego, she can’t hold off her enemies forever,”Insiders reveal. “She wants a hefty payoff to leave or else she’ll stay and make everyone miserable.”

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The magazine recalls Goldberg’s many on-air faux pas, insisting that the show’s top brass just want to be rid of her. “Whoopi’s attitude is they can put her out to pasture, but they’re going to have to cough up some serious cash,”The tipster muses. “She’s laying down the law—treat her fair and she’ll leave quietly. If not, they’ll have a mad hornet in their hands.”

Whoopi Goldberg ‘Laying Down The Law’?

There are two reasons that we just can’t buy into the tabloid’s story. First of all, Goldberg hasn’t expressed any interest in going anywhere. She She signed her four year contract back in SeptemberWe believe that there is a reason and that it would not suddenly be void because she got into some trouble in the beginning of this year. Additionally, Goldberg was absent at both times this year. Ratings for The View dipped. They also Both times Goldberg was reunited with him. She certainly isn’t being pushed out.

But finally, Goldberg’s alleged plan just doesn’t make sense. If Goldberg started making a fuss at work, we’re sure she would just be axed. And in that case, we’re certain she wouldn’t see a big payout from the network. Employers aren’t bound to the same rules as contracted employees. So far, most American companies have the freedom to fire workers at will.

The Tabloid on Whoopi Goldberg

Of course, we can’t say we’re surprised by the Globe‘s shoddy reporting. This is far from the first time the tabloid has gotten it wrong about Whoopi Goldberg. Earlier this year, the magazine claimed Goldberg was sparking health fears after gaining weight. Then the outlet reported Goldberg’Co-hosts plotted to fire Goldberg. A bizarre report by the publication claiming Goldberg prefers marijuana to men was published just a few days ago. Obviously, we can’t trust anything the Globe You can read more about this TV personality.

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