“Turned Florida into an Unlevel Playing Ground”

Ana Navarro isn’t at all surprised that Ron DeSantis won re-election in Florida this week. According to the host “The View,” there was really no way he wouldn’t, given the circumstances — and his opponent.

Per her typical schedule, Navarro hasn’t been on “The View”Although she has not been on CNN since midterm results began to come in, Erin Burnett and Navarro did make an appearance on CNN Wednesday morning to discuss them. Like most, Navarro noted that the results certainly weren’t the “red wave” that everyone seemed to be expecting, and noted that her home state of Florida’s results were the least surprising. She was also able to predict the results when she was on. “The View”Monday

Navarro did make a point of noting that DeSantis had found every way to win the 2018 election.

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“Yesterday, he won by 20 percentage points. Why? Because he gamed the system,”She said. “Because he turned Florida into an unlevel playing field. They changed election laws, making it harder to vote by mail. They paraded a bunch of people — Black people that they arrested for voting fraud — and paraded them in front of national media. He created an election police.”

Navarro was, of course, referring to the governor’s creation of an office of “election crime,”This caused confusion and backlash after the arrest of several Black individuals with past criminal records who claimed they were involved in voter fraud.

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Of course, those things didn’t necessarily even matter in the end, considering DeSantis was running against Charlie Crist.

“Who can blame them when you nominate a corpse?” Navarro added. “I mean, yes, [DeSantis] won bigly, but he won against a corpse, a political corpse. And that’s an insult to corpses.”

Navarro wrote a tweet Wednesday doubling down on the analogy. “Crist’s career has been dead for years. He’s now lost 5 statewide races – as a Republican, an Independent and a Dem.”

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