Tucker Carlson: The ‘Radicalized’ Man Who Threatened my Life

Rep. Eric Swalwell identified a Tucker Carlson supporter as the person who threatened his safety on social media. The Democratic California congressman stated this on Thursday.

Swalwell, who was an outspoken critic of Fox News, took to action after Twitter failed in its attempt to identify the man.

“A man DM’d I should be shot,”Swalwell wrote. “For my family’s safety, I asked Twitter for help ID’ing him. When Twitter fell short (thanks for trying!) I asked the guy his name (stringing him a bit) & why he threatened me. Meet Jeremy Marshall who told me he was radicalized by Tucker Carlson.”

Swalwell used Twitter to exchange a variety of direct messages with Marshall. Marshall said Swalwell was a “traitor”Who would “hopefully…get hung one day.”He said, “Traitor u should be shot.”

Eric Swalwell Tucker Carlson

Swalwell began a conversation with the man and asked his name as well as where he was from. Marshall seemed shocked by this gesture and shared it with him. “Ur a lot more personable then (sic) you come across.”He continued to state that he was concerned by accusations that the congressman had been anonymous. “Asian spy.”

Marshall wrote an apology for Swalwell’s claim that he was targeted. “Well if I give you my last name I said some mean things to u that I shouldn’t have based on this convo so could get me in some trouble.”Swalwell stated that no offense was committed and was “glad we were able to clear this up.”

Marshall stated that he was “totally wrong”Ask him questions about him “Am I reading the wrong articles or is the media targeting u as much as possible.”Swalwell replied simply “Fox News targeting. That’s all.”

When asked what news sites or politicians Marshall followed that made him so angry, Marshall mentioned comedian-turned-political podcaster Joe Rogan and Fox News host Tucker Carlson. “Tucker Carlson slammed u too much and lost me when he started saying u had multiple STD’s. So at least he went so overboard he can’t be believed anymore.”

Eric Swalwell Tucker Carlson

Swalwell stated that he “he engaged with this guy to learn as much as I could about his identity to share with law enforcement.”

“Bottom-line,”Swalwell wrote “the lies from Tucker and others are radicalizing people across not just America but the world. And the lies are inspiring people to make threats of violence against lawmakers. Tucker & Co. know this. And that’s why they tell their lies. They want to incite the mob.”

Marshall shared his feelings with Marshall after their meeting. “a ton of not so nice messages right back at me. I’m deserving I’ll agree.”

Swalwell posed the questionFor those who support his cause to stop. “Please do not threaten/harass Jeremy. Let the law/Instagram hold him accountable.”

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Eric Swalwell Tucker Carlson

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