Tucker Carlson Guest Mocks vaccine mandates Makes seal noises and says Kill the beast!

SNL alum Jim Breuer gave Fox viewers an exclusive performance on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” explaining why he’s chosen not to appear at venues requiring vaccination of its guests whilst imitating seals.

“If you can force people to get the vaccine, what can’t you do? That’s a question Jim Breuer appears to be thinking about,” Tucker Carlson remarked while introducing the comedian, who had “just announced he won’t be performing at any venue that requires patrons to be vaccinated.”

“Interesting that you did this, it caught our attention. Tell us… I’ll be quiet as you explain why you did this,” Carlson said as Breuer appeared alongside the screen.

“Honestly, I got a lot of feedback from a couple of venues that I was playing, and my fans are really upset,” Breuer recalled. “They said, you know, ‘I’m not comfortable with getting a Covid shot, and now they’re saying I can’t come to see you perform unless I do that.’”

“And I looked into it and, that’s the last thing you should be doing — is going, ‘hey, you wanna come to see the’ — like feeding the seal, the fish — ‘you wanna, you wanna, come to see a concert?” Bauer then emulated a barking seal: “Arf! Arf! Arf! ‘You wanna, here, catch the fish,’” he said, dangling a yellow paper pad over imagined seals as if it was a treat.

“Why would you do that?” He continued to ask. “I don’t want any of my fans to come to laugh and they gotta get a shot in them? And honestly, Tucker, I gotta be honest with you. What really started my video was, there’s a new narrative. The new narrative is: The unvaccinated are the beast.”

Bauer continued to shout loudly, posing as a science-fiction villain archetype. “‘Kill the beast.’ This program goes on forever. ‘Kill the beast! The beast is unvaccinated! Kill them!’”

“I know my body, I know my morals, I know my faith,” Bauer concluded by defending his bodily autonomy as well as his decision to not get vaccinated.

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