Travis Scott’s Utopia album has been a big hit, and fans have chosen the best songs.

Travis Scott’s latest album is being hailed as one of his best works so far and fans are busy ranking and reviewing the “best songs” from the star-studded Utopia that comes with 19 tracks and many, many features.

Travis Scott is back with his latest single, an album that some consider a masterpiece. Featuring the likes of Beyonce, Drake, and SZA among many others, Utopia is being largely compared to Kanye‘s experimental album, Yeezus, owing to some apparent similarities and both rappers’ involvement in each other’s projects.

Fans rank ‘best songs’ from Travis Scott’s Utopia

Utopia has a long list of featured artists from The Weeknd to Playboi Carti and for a better understanding of all the talents Travis’s new album flexes, one must read through the credits.

If you’re yet to listen to the full album and are on the lookout for some suggestions, here are fans-picked “best songs” from Utopia.

One fan opined: “I just would love to say that Carti saved Utopia. Carti is undoubtedly the greatest rapper in the world and FEIN, the album’s best track, is the song that FEIN. Thank you for your time!”

“God’s Country and FE!N the best songs on Utopia,” read one comment.

“Meltdown is the best song in Utopia,” wrote another fan.

A third Twiter/X user said: I don’t care what others think but in my opinion, I Know? is the best song on the Utopia album.”

Picking two of their favorite tracks, one fan shared: “Telekinesis is one of the best songs I have ever heard and My Eyes was also amazing the album is so great.”

All the songs and features on Travis Scott’s new album

Here are all of the songs that were included in Utopia, along with their respective artists.

Utopia receives rave reviews

In addition to his latest album Utopia and a new experimental film Circus Maximus that is now available, the rapper released an unexpected surprise.

Meanwhile, Travis’s fans couldn’t be more thrilled about the rapper’s new musical release, that’s opened to mostly positive reviews. The song is available on Spotify.

One impressed fan said: “Travis Scott you have moved me more than you can believe.”

“Honestly the most hype for any album I’ve had in a while every song was so good,” said another.

“OG Travis Scott is back with Utopia! Holy cow,” wrote another.

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