Travis Barker’s ex Shanna M. Moakler’s Apathetic Response to Kourtney K. Kardashian’s Pregnancy Annoucement

Travis Barker’s ex Shanna M. Moakler's Apathetic Response to Kourtney K. Kardashian's Pregnancy Annoucement

Shanna Moakler has confirmed that she has known for a while now that her ex Travis Barker is expecting a baby with Kourtney Kardashian. She revealed this week, thanks to a poster she displayed during Blink-182’s Los Angeles show, that she is expecting with her husband Barker. According to a recent articlePosts on InstagramMoakler shared with 48 that she was aware of Kardashian’s pregnancy long before the public announcement. Moakler responded to a query from a supporter who asked what her thoughts were on the pregnancy. “I have known this for weeks, and it is nothing new to me,” she said. Moakler’s truth was revealed in a selfie with the caption “This, too, shall pass ….,””, a claim she also confirmed about her parents.

On her Instagram page, she received another comment asking “Thoughts about the new baby?” Moakler replied, “Very happy for them. Hope they enjoy bringing a baby into the world.” During a video clip from the day Kardashian announced her pregnancy news at Los Angeles’ BMO Stadium, she smiled and jumped up and down with a sign reading: “Travis, I’m Pregnant!” In the next video, Barker was stunned by a fellow bandmate’s exclamation, “Someone has a baby.” He then embraced Kardashian when he entered. The sign that Kardashian held was identical to one a Blink-182 fan held during the 1999 music video “All The Small Things”.

Kardashian and Barker share six children. Lemme’s founder, Scott Disick shares Reign, Aston and Mason Dash as well as Penelope Scotland with him. Barker also has three kids with Moakler, Landon, daughter Alabama and stepdaughter Atiana. The new baby has already attracted the attention of many loved ones, including Barker’s daughter Alabama and Kardashian’s sisters Kim and Khloé, who have expressed their excitement about it. “Congrats!! Congratulations!! Kim, 42 years old, posted a message on Instagram Stories on Saturday. “Congratulations to my cutes!! My baby just had a child !!!!!!!!” Khloé, 38, wrote over a video of Kourtney holding up her sign announcing her pregnancy. I love you sooooooooo much, and your baby too. Alabama shared her Instagram Story on Saturday with the caption “Baby No. 7”.

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