Tori Kelly Finds Comfort In ‘North Star,’ A New Song

Tori Kelly finds solace in her. “North Star”The first single is from Zoey’s Extraordinary Christmas Playlista holiday movie spin-off by Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist. The track is also available as a download. Preorder) and the Roku Channel film arrive on Wednesday.

Harvey Mason Jr. produced the song and Troy Verges wrote the lyrics. Kelly sings about a holiday gathering after a loss. “I’m always looking up, ’cause I can feel your love and I know just where you are in the sky and in my blood,”She sings. “And I’ve never been to heaven, but it doesn’t seem that far ’cause you’re my North Star.”

“Music and the holidays have always just effortlessly gone together. I really resonated with the message of ‘North Star,’ missing a loved one during the excitement and happiness of the holiday season, but also being reminded that their love is never really far away,”Kelly stated this in a statement.

“The week before I went to Vancouver to shoot the film, two of my favorite collaborators from Nashville, Caitlyn Smith, and Troy Verges, came to L.A. to write music with me,” Steenburgen added. “We read the script for Zoey’s Extraordinary Christmas and decided to write songs to submit for the end credit song. ‘North Star’ was chosen, and we were thrilled that Tori Kelly wanted to record it. The great Harvey Mason Jr. produced the song. I remember the first Christmas without my Dad. A lot of people have an empty chair at the table this year. This song is dedicated with love to them all.”

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