Top Gun’s Miles Teller Responds After His Grandmother Campaigns For Him To Be The Next 007


Top Gun’s Miles Teller Responds After His Grandmother Campaigns For Him To Be The Next 007

Miles Teller’s last months have been exciting, as he has played producer Al Ruddy in Paramount+ miniseries. The OfferStaring in Joseph Kosinski’s moves Maverick: Top GunAnd Spiderhead. So what’s coming up next for the actor? Well, if Leona Flowers, his grandmother, had her way, Teller would be the next person to play James Bond, and now he’s responded to Flowers’ efforts to get him cast as 007.

Earlier this month, Leona Flowers went on Twitter to pitch her grandson succeeding Daniel Craig as the next cinematic James Bond, writing that he’s “proven that he has everything they’re looking for- talent, looks, strength, worldwide appeal & oh, so cool.” ET caught up with Miles Teller to see what he thought about playing the suave spy, and here’s what he said:

Yeah. It’s perfect. You know, we are actors. Maybe you can mix it up.

Miles Teller being cast as James Bond would certainly be an outside-the-box pick, as 007 is one of the United Kingdom’s most popular characters and has only been played on the big screen by actors from that region. However, Teller, or any actor from the US, might be able to portray American-created characters such as Superman and Batman. Teller stated that it is worth trying to mix things up.

Upon being questioned about whether or not Miles Teller could pull off a British accent, Leona Flowers responded that her grandson’s acting studies included learning accents She then added that she thinks “our English friends would welcome him as 007,”Referring to Teller’s visit to London in the 1980s for the Maverick: Top Gun premiere. While it’s likely too soon to even consider Teller being part of the Bond betting pool along the likes of Tom Hardy and Regé-Jean Page, scoring this particular role would further boost his profile when it comes to franchises/properties. He also recently played Bradley “Rooster”Bradshaw Maverick, Teller is also known for playing Reed Richards in 2015’s Fantastic FourPeter Hayes and the Divergent movies.

One thing has been made clear on the James Bond front: we’re nowhere near close to learning who will succeed Daniel Craig, who made his final outing as the character in last year’s There is no time to die. Producer Barbara Broccoli stated that in June, “nobody’s in the running” for the role yet, and that there isn’t even a script for the next Bond movie yet since “we’re reinventing who he is and that takes time.”Broccoli also stated that the next Bond film is still at least two years away. That’s not terribly far off, but at the same time, the waiting game continues before we get any kind of official sense on where we’re going with this franchise next.

Naturally CinemaBlend will keep passing along updates on James Bond’s film future, but for the Miles Teller fans out there, you can either head to your local theater now to see him in Maverick: Top GunTo stream, you can either use your Paramount+ and Netflix subscriptions SpiderheadAnd The Offer. Check out our 2022 release calendar to see which movies are still to be released in 2019.


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