Too Hot To Handle Season 4

Too Hot To Handle Season 4

Part of Netflix’s decision to renew “Too Hot to Handle” for a fourth season has to do a lot with ratings. Deadline reported that the first season of the show was watched by approximately 51 million people, whereas the second season dipped a bit with only 29 million viewers tuning in. However, Netflix still makes mega money from its shows and that money has been invested into the production of the new season.

Compared to other reality shows, “Too Hot to Handle” is expensive to produce because of the locations in which it films. Seasons 2 and 3 were filmed in a villa at the Turtle Tail Estate in Turks and Caicos, per Marie Claire. The outlet notes, via The Caribbean Journal, that the villa costs $10,000 to rent, which is not cheap for Netflix.

Perhaps the price has become a little too steep for the streaming platform, as Season 4 will be filmed at a different villa in Turks & Caicos, according to Digital Spy. But viewers will have to wait and see if the scenery lives up to previous seasons when Season 4 premieres later this summer.

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