‘Too Hot To Handle’ Season 3 Release Date | Season Renewal Status

The top UK reality dating show, “Too Hot To Handle” Season 2 is on the cards and it will be landing this June. With the announcement of the second season, the fans are wondering about the future of the show. Will there be a Season 3 for “Too Hot To Handle”. Here are some hot updates about the upcoming season.

'Too Hot To Handle' Season 3 Release Date | Season Renewal Status

“Too Hot To Handle” is one of the flagship reality shows, produced by Talkback and Fremantles’s Thames. The show arrived on Netflix in April 2020 for the first time and gathered some decent responses. “Too Hot To Handle” is highly inspired by the Seinfeld episode “The Contestant”.

“Too Hot To Handle” revolves around the four-week journey of a bunch of singles who perform various tasks to grab a winning amount of $100,000. Hosted by a virtual assistant, “Lana”, the show ranks #1 on the list of Netflix recommendations. Each season introduces us to a new batch of stunning beauties. Recently, Season 2 was announced by the showrunners and it is scheduled for a launch in June 2021. However, a question that’s buzzing around social media is will “Too Hot To Handle” comeback with Season 3? Here are all details.

Is “Too Hot To Handle” Renewed For Season 3?

As of now, there are no updates on the renewal of “Too Hot To Handle” for Season 3. We can expect an official update about Season 3, after the premiere of the second installment this June.

“Too Hot To Handle” Season 3 Release Date 'Too Hot To Handle' Season 3 Release Date | Season Renewal Status

Till now, the makers have not renewed “Too Hot To Handle” for Season 3. However, after the official launch of Season 2, we are hoping for some good news. In case, Season 3 lands as per the timetable of previous releases, it will premiere in 2022.

“Too Hot To Handle” Season 3 Cast 

Every season, a new cast joins the set to make the show more exciting for the audience. Therefore, without any official statement from the makers, we can’t predict the cast. However, we are constantly looking for some hints or leaks. So, make sure to stay tuned as we will serve you some fresh news soon.

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