Too Hot To Handle Brazil Netflix Series to Release on July 21, 2021

The premise of ‘Too Hot To Handle Brazil’ is quite simple either a person chooses a new crush or the prize money. The Brazilian version is by far one of the most successful reality series on Netflix. 

Too Hot To Handle Brazil Netflix Series to Release on July 21, 2021

The series revolves around five men alongside women who are blessed with natural beauty. The most common factor between the ten contestants is they have to live together on a paradisiacal beach where they’d acquire an attractive prize, which more attractive than all of them combined.

The challenge, however, is, they have to control their desires in the series, and then the prize money would be theirs. Sounds simple to readers, but it might be a very complicated situation for anyone.

Too Hot To Handle Brazil: Release Date

The series is all set to release on Netflix on the 21st of July 2021. The audience will come across Lana, a virtual voice assistant who would deduct an amount from the prize money even for a little interaction.

Too Hot To Handle Brazil Netflix Series to Release on July 21, 2021

Netflix pushes the release date of the series because the audience loves it when contestants try to create deeper connections. Lana’s pressure in the series is accompanied by Bruna Louise, who would mock the guests now and then.

Too Hot To Handle Brazil: Cast

Check out the names of the cast below:

  • Brenda Paixao, the 24-year-old makeup artist from the Rio Grande do Sul
  • Marina Streit, 24-year-old Lawyer from the Rio Grande do Sul
  • Davi Knelp, 21-year-old DJ from Sao Paulo
  • Matheus Sampaio, 25-year-old Entrepreneir from Rio De Janeiro
  • Gabriela Martins, a 27-year-old model from Rio De Janeiro
  • Thuany Raquel, 26-year-old businesswoman from Pernambuco
  • Leandro David, 23-year-old Swimming athlete from Brasilia
  • Ronaldo Moura, 29-year-old Marketing Consultant from Sao Paulo
  • Igor Paes, 27-year-old Entrepreneur from Bahia
  • Kethellen Avelina, 22-year-old executive secretary from Amazonas
  • Caio Giovani, 29-year-old actor, singer, & dancer from Rio de Janeiro
  • Rita Tiecher, 25-year-old DJ from Rio De Janeiro

Stay tuned for more updates on the series!


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