Tony Blair’s advice to the Labour Party to reject ‘wokeism’ and ‘Corbynism’ sparks debate

Tony Blair’s advice to the Labour Party to reject ‘wokeism’ and ‘Corbynism’ sparks debate

Tony Blair has sparked a debate after he issued advice to the Labour Party about how it might achieve electoral success.

In an article for The Times, which originally appeared in a report from the Tony Blair Institute, the former prime minister said the party had lost its working class and centrist vote and that it needed to continue rejecting Corbynism ‘wokeism’ to get it back.

He wrote: “The opposition’s problem is not complex but simple.

“Labour has a cultural problem with many working class voters, a credibility problem with the middle ground, and is seen as for everyone other than the hard working families who feel their taxes aren’t spent on their priorities.

“The leadership should continue to push the far left back to the margins. The country must know there is no question of negotiating the terms of power with them.”

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Blair then gave his views on the culture wars that dominate much of political discourse.

“We should openly embrace liberal, tolerant but common-sensical positions on the ‘culture’ issues, and emphatically reject the ‘wokeism’ of a small though vocal minority,” he added.

Reacting to the column, some people agreed with Blair’s analysis:

But others had reservations:

Years after leaving office, the former PM continues dividing opinions.

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