Tom Cruise Allegedly Rejected By A-List Actress He Tried To Date, Anonymous Insider Claims

Is Tom Cruise unlucky in love? One report says he’s recovering after an A-list rejection. Is the Top Gun: Maverick star really nursing a broken heart? Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Cruising In The Friend Zone’

According to the National Enquirer, Cruise has fallen hard for Lady Gaga. He apparently decided to shoot his shot recently and Gaga shot him down. Gaga wrote the song “Hold My Hand” for Top Gun: Maverick. “Tom has always been a fan and personally reached out to Gaga to write the song,” an insider says. “It’s no surprise he developed a huge crush on her after they worked together.”

Gaga is simply not interested. She’s still in love with her boyfriend, businessman Michael Polansky. Gaga didn’t entirely dismiss Cruise though—a source concludes, “She also knows he can be a big help to her acting career!”

Lady Gaga Shut Down Tom Cruise?

Lady Gaga was already a superstar in the music industry, but A Star Is Born thrust Gaga into the spotlight on the movie scene. She scored an Academy Award nomination for the part and won one for her song “Shallow.”

Last year, Gaga starred in House of Gucci which brought her more award nominations. She’s not slated for anything right now because she’s on a global stadium tour. It’s insulting to insinuate that she’s leading Cruise along for the sake of roles. Gaga is clearly doing just fine without anyone’s help.

There’s no proof Cruise feels anything romantic toward Gaga. He’s praised her up and down on the Top Gun: Maverick press tour, stating that her song “became the heartbeat of the film…And I called her and said, ‘I don’t think you understand, emotionally…’ I was so concerned until I heard that piece.”

Besides, It doesn’t seem like the actor is terribly interested in romance at all right now. In a recent interview, Cruise outright told BELLA that he never takes a day off. Considering he just shot two Mission: Impossible films back-to-back and is now on a global press tour, that sounds about right. This tabloid is just trying to craft a bogus story out of Gaga’s single song. She’s not single, and Cruise doesn’t seem interested anyway.

There’s History Here

Considering what a huge star Tom Cruise is, it’s no surprise the Enquirer regularly targets him. Last year, it announced Cruise was getting fat because Hayley Atwell dumped him. He looks the same now as he has for years and that romance was never confirmed by either party in the first place.

Before that, this tabloid claimed he was dating Sofia Boutella. It went so far as to mention he would don disguises to visit her in secret, but there was no elaboration or evidence of this. Gossip Cop also busted its story about Cruise hoping to work with Reese Witherspoon to help his career get back on track. His career is doing just fine and that collaboration never happened. The Enquirer has no clue what it’s talking about.

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